Hopewell Church & Cemetery ~ Washington County, Missouri

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Submitted By:   Jane Denny

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Hopewell Union Church - Photographed: 15 May 2001

Back view of church & Hopewell Cemetery

HISTORY OF HOPEWELL CHURCH: The building of the Church was started in 1858, the original intention was to have a building for Church and School and for this reason was built two stories.

The ground for same was donated by John Evens and George Day;  the building was not completed when the Civil War came which put a stop to any further construction for the time.  After the war the Public School System was started and a privaste school was no longer needed and for that reason the second story was never completed;  a part of the first floor room was made into a room for a school and rented to the Public School District in order to obtain money to complete the remaining for a church;  this room was used by the school until 1886.  The big hail storm of May 11, 1888 broke the glass in all windows, up and down, on the north side.  The second story windows on the south side were removed and placed in the first floor north side and all upstairs windows were boarded up.  In 1907 or 1909 the roof was so bad that a new one was decided on and at this time the building cut to one story.

By 1895 the Cemetery was full to the extent of no more vacant lots so addition land was donated by J.W. Nixon to make the present size.  Written by Harry E. Evens, Chicago, Ill.  Sent to Esther Carroll 28 May 2001 by Myrtle Balderson.   She obtained it from Western Historical Manuscripts Collection, 23 Ellis Library, University of Missouri/Columbia.

This is a large cemetery & these pictures account for about 1/8th of the tombstones.

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John & Martha Evens

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Charlotte & John Evens

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Eliza J. Evens

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William H. Evens

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Robt. H. Evens

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Frederick Will

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Agnes B. Lemon

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Andrew Link

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Benj. F. Lemon

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Bessie Eaton

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C.W. Small

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Charles Seyforth

ElizaJ.Lemons.JPG (33736 bytes)
Eliza J. Lemons

F.M.Forshee.JPG (26358 bytes)
F.M. Forshee

G.L.Simpson.JPG (31314 bytes)
G.L. Simpson

GeorgeForshee.JPG (17718 bytes)
George Forshee

InfantAllen.JPG (25344 bytes)
Infant Allen

JamesE.Thompson.JPG (19433 bytes)
James E. Thompson

JamesThompson.JPG (12451 bytes)
James Thompson

JaneBlackwell.JPG (21869 bytes)
Jane Blackwell

JeremiahPostlethwait.JPG (29096 bytes)
Jeremiah Postlethwait

JerushaPressly.JPG (24086 bytes)
Jerusha Pressly

JohnathanWishon.JPG (29442 bytes)
Jonathan Wishon

JohnS.Mideleton.JPG (18252 bytes)
John S. Mideleton

JosephLeslieLemon.JPG (15233 bytes)
Joseph Leslie Lemon

L.G.Burton.JPG (23703 bytes)
L.G. Burton

JesseS.Byington.JPG (34846 bytes)
Jesse S. Byington

Y.F.Burton.JPG (23064 bytes)
Y.F. Burton

MaryE.McFadden.JPG (23521 bytes)
Mary E. McFadden

LouisaMiller.JPG (19491 bytes)
Louisa Miller

MollieLemon.JPG (28422 bytes)
Mollie Lemon

ThomasL.Simpson.JPG (16620 bytes)
Thomas L. Simpson

PrestonMcGready-SarahNugent.JPG (25595 bytes)
Preston McGready & Sarah Nugent

W.M.Blackwell.JPG (14167 bytes)
W.M. Blackwell

Thos.Bland.JPG (30180 bytes)
Thos. Bland

HenryC.Beckett.JPG (19602 bytes)
Henry C. Beckett
Photographed:  1990's

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ValentineForshey.JPG (21698 bytes)
Valentine Forshey

Lewis&HelenChadbourne.JPG (23686 bytes)
Lewis & Helen Chadbourne

WroughtIronFence.JPG (31680 bytes)
Wrought Iron Enclosure

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Marvin McCabe

Election day, November 2nd, 1886: Robert Wigger, age 44, & Marvin McCabe, age 57, were neighbors living in the vicinity of Mineral Point. A feud had long existed between them & on election day they met at Mineral Point where Robert shot & killed Marvin. Marvin's son, Charles McCabe, was present & avenged his father's death by immediately shooting & killing Robert Wigger. Charles was charged with murder & his two brothers, John & James, were charged with aiding & abetting. All were indicted for murder & sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary. Prior to this incident they had all sustained good reputations. All of the McCabe brothers had temperate personalities & two of them were of the Methodist faith. James, age 30, had a wife and four children. Charles, age 28, & John, age 22, were single. All entered the State Penitentiary on June 21st, 1887. Fortunately they did not have to serve their full ten year sentences. The governor of Missouri pardoned James McCabe on February 24th, 1889 & Charles & John were pardoned December 11th, 1889.

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Submitted By: Adam Parks

Google Maps give you an idea of where the grave is. If you enter the cemetery at the gate in the photo [above], you follow the road to the end, and turn left.
There is a swag in the ground that typically has standing water if it rains, and there are no markers. This is the area of the Potter's grave.



"The Iron Mountain Baby" is buried in Hopewell Cemetery.
When an infant he was thrown from a train but survived & grew to adulthood.  For his very interesting story click below.

The Iron Mountain Baby


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