Nicholson Family Cemetery

Nicholson Family Cemetery ~ Hwy. 185 about a half mile northwest of Potosi.  Photographed: 18 May 2002

Nicholson_Cemetery.jpg (17778 bytes)Gene & I go by this cemetery every time on our way to & from Potosi.  We left very early one morning as we had business to take care of in St. Louis which is about a two hour drive from where we live. I always tell people that I am not a morning person - never have been, never will be.  My brain & body just do not funtion well in the mornings & this story is a prime example of that.  This was the first time I had been by the cemetery since the cows arrived.  In my bleery-eyed, early morning stupor I spotted those two cows - one in each front corner of the cemetery.  Right away I exclaimed to Gene, "OMG!!  The cows are in the cemetery!!!!  We better stop by the Sheriff's Department & let them know so they can contact the Nicholsons to come get them out of the cemetery!!"  As we go on down the road Gene just looks at me with this weird look on his face.  So I say, "What??!!"  He says, "You can't be serious."  I replied that I was serious - didn't want the cows messing up the cemetery.  Then he proceeds to tell me that the cows are artificial & put there intentionally for decoration. So then I give him a weird look.  I really thought he was joking so he turns around & goes back driving v - e - r- y  s - l - o - w - l - y  past the cemetery.  Was I suprised to realize they really were cow statues! DUH!  I hate to admit it when he is right but I'm just glad he didn't decide to be really mean & let me make a total fool of myself  by taking me to the Sheriff's Department & letting me go in & actually report the cows being in the cemetery.   lol


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