(At home in the Ozark Mountains - Washington County, Missouri)

By: Esther & Gene Carroll

Our Backyard.JPG (35657 bytes)

SPRINGTIME - Photographed:  19 April 1999

Our Driveway - 2003.JPG (32397 bytes)

This is our front yard & driveway looking out toward the road.


Our Back Yard - Mountain Mist.JPG (18343 bytes)

MOUNTAIN MIST - In the mornings & evenings the mist settles & it is absolutely beautiful!!!  This picture just doesn't do it justice.  Photographed: Sept. 12, 1999

snowscene.JPG (16284 bytes)

SNOWSCENE:  Photographed:  Early 1980's


SnowScene2002.JPG (18385 bytes)

SNOWSCENE: Photographed: Jan2002


FallFolage.JPG (32697 bytes)

A close-up of the mountain across the valley from us showing fall folage.  Photographed: 1990

sunset.jpg (12949 bytes)

This is how the SUNSET looks from our backdoor. Photographed: 1990's


creek3.JPG (31491 bytes)
This is the creek that runs through the southwest edge of our property.  Photographed: 15 April 2002


creek2.JPG (18268 bytes)

Blood Moon Eclipse photographed from our front yard 15 April 2014



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