Potosi ~ Old Presbyterian Church & Cemetery

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Old Presbyterian Church:   This red brick building on Breton Street in Potosi is the oldest Presbyterian Church west of the Mississippi River having been built in 1832.  It now houses a museum.  Esther M. Carroll worked as a volunteer tour guide in this museum for 15 years.    Photographed October, 1998


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Long Family Plot

Photographed: 29 Sept. 2007

For Long Family History click here

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Lily Long Nichols

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Betty Long

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Mattie Long

James Long

Van Allen Family Plot ~ Photographed:   March 2007

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McIlvaine-White family plot. Jesse McIlvaine & Samuel White are the only tombstones left in the plot. Photographed: Oct., 2006


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Col. Jesse Hord McIlvaine Born: Mason Co.,Ky. July 10, 1800 Died: St. Louis, Mo. July 2, 1869
Photographed: 1980's

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Samuel C. White-Born: Knoxville, Tenn. Aug.4, 1811 - Died at Old Mines, Mo.
Sept. 17, 1853
Photographed: Oct. 2006

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Parkin Family plot adjoins McIlvaine-White family plot. Photographed: Oct. 2006

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John Parkin 1841-1890

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John Thompson

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Joseph Parkin

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Edward ???

McGready Family Plot ~ All stones were photographed November, 2006 unless otherwise specified.

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Israel McGready

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Sue B. McGready

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Julia a. consort of
Wm. Firmin McGready

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McGready family plot is around the tall tombstone in center. Photographed: 1980's.

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William Milam ~ Born: ? 2 ????
Top half of tombstone.

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Henry M.McGready

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William Milam ~ Died: Feb. 29, ????
Bottom half of tombstone.

NOTE:  Discrepancy regarding the William Milam tombstone ~ The Washington County GenWeb site has it listed as: McGready, William, M. Milan, 02 Apr. 1783 - 29 Feb. 1848. Birthplace: Wilmington, Vermont.  However William Milam is the only name I could find on the stone.  No initial M., no McGready, & no birthplace. There was a William Milam in Washington County history that was born in Kentucky & died in 1848 & I believe that the William M. Milan McGready might be in error.

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Slee Family Plot
Photographed:  September, 2007


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Perry Family Plot

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Lydia Taylor
Julia A. Taylor Hemenway
Gardner Hemenway
Henry D. Taylor

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Thomas & James Fea


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Susan Hamby


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Mark Hornsey

Eva A. Greenwood

Willie Ryan


Harry Fitch

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Matilda A. Culver



Jas. L. Brooks


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James Parmeley

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Samuel N. Perry

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Nancy E. Beckett


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Thomas W. Beckett

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Volney Evans

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Joseph F. Cole

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Richard Parkins



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