Washington County Tornado 18 October 2004

About 4:00 p.m. an F1 tornado with winds of 73 to 112 mph made a direct hit on Potosi Lumber Company then went on to Mineral Point.  It was reported that five tornadoes were in Washington County that day.  This one missed my house by maybe half a mile but did about $6,000 or $7,000 dollars worth of damage to my cousin's house who lives over on the next road. These pictures were taken the day after the tornado.

Tornado2004-07.JPG (40412 bytes)

This is what is left of Potosi Lumber Company.
All persons that were inside the building miraculously survived with only minor cuts & bruises.

Tornado2004-04.jpg (9349 bytes)
Potosi Lumber Company. 

Tornado2004-02.jpg (13927 bytes)
Across the street from Potosi Lumber

Tornado2004-05.JPG (13100 bytes)
Across the highway from Potosi Lumber Company.

Tornado2004-06.jpg (17122 bytes)
Across the highway from Potosi Lumber Company.

Mineral Point - These pictures represent only a small portion of the damage:

Tornado2004-08.jpg (20663 bytes)

Tornado2004-09.jpg (19127 bytes)

Tornado2004-10.jpg (22851 bytes)

Tornado2004-12.jpg (21300 bytes)

Tornado2004-14.jpg (20413 bytes)

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Washington County Tornado 18 October 2004

"Fotos by Firefly"

Image023.jpg (15851 bytes)
Potosi Lumber Company - Hwy. 21 at north edge of Potosi.

Image005.jpg (29672 bytes)
Mr. Firefly holding a large hail stone in Old Mines.

Image014.jpg (17681 bytes)
About  mile out E Hwy from 21

Image016.jpg (14745 bytes)
This is just next to the previous photo.  The roof and part of the framelanded in the neighbor's yard..

Image017.jpg (18575 bytes)
Fortunately the house was unharmed except for a couple of broken windows and
loose shingles.

Image008.jpg (18664 bytes)
The roof flew quite a ways until it was stopped by the tree line on the far side of the neighbor's yard.