Wallen Family Cemetery
Near Irondale, Washington County, Missouri
Photographed: May, 2004

The Wallen Cemetery was kind of hard to find.  We drove around & drove around stoping at about 6 different places to ask directions but no one knew.  But we knew we had to be in the right area when we were on Doc Wallen Rd.  lol  Anyway we finally came across an old farmer on his tractor & he knew right where it was.  We had driven past it once but didn't see it as it is barely visible from the road.  So we finally made it to the cemetery & none too soon as we had a flat tire.  So we pulled up into the cow pasture (where the cemetery is) & while I photographed tombstones Gene changed the flat tire.   When we left we were so hot & sweaty that the first creek we came to we stopped to cool off.  lol  Directions to Wallen Cemetery from Potosi:  Go south on Hwy. 21 to Triangle Cafe.  Turn left on Hwy M & go 4.5 miles to Doc Wallen Rd.  Turn right on Doc Wallen Rd. &  go 2.2 miles to Wallen Cemetery on left side of road.  It is right past a modern log house which is on a sharp left curve of the road.

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WallenCemetery03.JPG (21319 bytes)
Wallen Cemetery Entrance

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View from back corner of cemetery

Wallen,ElishaSr.,.JPG (16954 bytes)
Elisha Wallen, Sr.

Wallen,MaryHughes.JPG (17327 bytes)
Mary Hughes w/o Elisha Wallen

Wallen,Hays.JPG (18100 bytes)
Hays Wallen s/o Elisha & Mary

Wallen,Lewis.JPG (22723 bytes)
Lewis Wallen

Wallen,Nilson.JPG (16028 bytes)
Nilson Wallen

Wallen,ElizaA.JPG (16178 bytes)
Eliza A. Wallen

Wallen,Clay.JPG (17627 bytes)
Clay Wallen

Wallen,MaryE.&MyraE.JPG (26658 bytes)
Mary E. & Myra E. Wallen

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Wallen,ElizaE.JPG (17602 bytes)
Eliza E. Wallen

Wallen,EmilyCaroline.JPG (25215 bytes)
Emily Caroline Wallen

Wallen,LucindaWinny.JPG (12833 bytes)
Lucinda Winny Wallen

Wallen,MaryAdeline.JPG (15087 bytes)
Mary Adeline Wallen

Wallen,Harry.JPG (9179 bytes)
Harry Wallen

Wallen,NancyJ.&HenryC.JPG (15914 bytes)
Nancy J. & Henry C. Wallen
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Tabitha Wallen

D.W.Proffitt.JPG (16618 bytes)
D.W. Proffitt

RosieE.Thompson.JPG (17254 bytes)
Rosie E. Thompson

SharonJones.JPG (17656 bytes)
Sharon I. Jones

WilliamProffitt.JPG (20219 bytes)
William Proffitt

WallenCemTombstoneUnknown01.JPG (15557 bytes)

MaryJaneSettle.JPG (15875 bytes)
Mary Jane Settle

SamClevelandRobinson.JPG (11320 bytes)
Sam Cleveland Robinson

D.G.Sherrill.JPG (13041 bytes)
D.G. Sherrill

SamuelR.Robinson.JPG (14956 bytes)
Samuel R. Robinson

WilliamHarveyJones,.JPG (14011 bytes)
William Harvey Jones

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WilliamHarveyJones01.JPG (10626 bytes)
William Harvey Jones

MarySherrill.JPG (16526 bytes)
Mary Sherrill

ElizaProffitt.JPG (17320 bytes)
Eliza Proffitt

MinnieBelleOldham.JPG (11849 bytes)
Minnie Belle Oldham

EvalineSherrill.JPG (23586 bytes)
Evaline Sherrill

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SidneySherrill.JPG (15789 bytes)
Sidney Sherrill

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MathewMarkJones.JPG (14999 bytes)
Mathew Mark Jones

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ThomasE.Briley.JPG (14293 bytes)
Thomas Briley

VirgleE.Briley.JPG (14904 bytes)
Virgle Briley

GoldaM.Briley.JPG (19865 bytes)
Golda Briley

InfantBriley.JPG (16915 bytes)
Infant Briley

MaggieL.Briley.JPG (14097 bytes)
Maggie Briley

LilieG.Briley.JPG (15124 bytes)
Lilie Briley

RevaR.Briley.JPG (13335 bytes)
Reva Briley

BethaE.Otto.JPG (17456 bytes)
Bertha Otto

FlatTire03.JPG (26347 bytes)

FlatTire02.JPG (24811 bytes)

Gene changing the flat tire.

CoolingOff04.JPG (27171 bytes)

CoolingOff05.JPG (25928 bytes)

Cooling off in the creek on Doc Wallen Rd.

DocWallenRd.02.JPG (31701 bytes)

DocWallenRd.03.JPG (24908 bytes)

WallenCreek04.JPG (29433 bytes)

WallenCreek07.JPG (26949 bytes)

WallenCreek08.JPG (27324 bytes)

Different views of
Wallen Creek

taken from
Hwy. M bridge

WallenCreek09.JPG (26427 bytes)

Wallen Family History

Elisha Wallen I, called "The Long Hunter", because he with a group of men blazed trials from Virginia to Kentucky & Tennessee.   The first long hunt was about 1761.  He was born in Henry County Virginia about 1734.  Later, he moved to Carter's Valley, then to Claborne County, Tennessee where he took up land  & made his home.  The story is that his first wife & part of his family were wiped out in Indian warfare, while they were on the long hunt of about eighteen months............He later married Katherine Blevens, daughter of Captain Blevens, on of the Long Hunters............In 1806, they migrated  to Missouri along with the John Hughes Sr. family, who each took land & settled about three miles southwest of Irondale in Concord Township...............Wallens built a large log house, a part of which still stands today, however a lot of remodeling has been done.   The place was called "The Plantation".  And there is a Wallen Cemetery on this farm.................The younger Elisha Wallen was eleven years old when he came to Missouri in 1806, for he was born 30 November 1795 in Tennessee.  After bieng honorabley discharged from service in the War of 1812, he married Mary Hughes on 10 October 1815.  She was the daughter of John & Susnnah Hayes Hughes.  Mary was born 15 September 1799 in Tennessee.  She died 22 October 1866.  Elisha lived until 11 March 1872.   Bothe he & Mary are interred in the Wallen Cemetery on the homestead. From: Bellvue Valley Missouri History ~ 1763 - 1981

Henry C. Wallen, farmer, is a son of Elisha & Mary Hughes Wallen, both native Tennesseeans, & born in 1795 & 1799 respectively.  They came to Washington County, Missouri in 1806 & here spent the remainder of their lives.   The father was a farmer & a soldier of the War of 1812. In the latter part of his life he affiliated with the Democratic Party, but was formerly a Whig.  He was a stirring & energetic business man, & was a great lover of hunting, being a fine marksman.  He died in 1872 & his wife in 1866.  Their family consisted of eighteen children, nine sons & nine daughters.  Their son, Henry C., was born on the farm where he now lives, in 1843, & was educated in the subscription schools.   In 1868 he married Miss Nancy J. Tullock, who was born in St. Francios County, Missouri in 1846.  To them have been born seven children:  Eliza C., Minnie B., Samuel A., Luther H., Herman T., Louella B. & Lillie G.  Mr Wallen is a Democrat, & a member of the Masonic fraternity.  He has lived on his present farm of 251 acres all his life & besides this property, owns a fifth interest in the Wallen Copper Mines.
  From: Goodspeed's 1888 reprint of History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford & Gasconade Counties, Missouri


WallenLoom01a.JPG (35954 bytes)
Wallen loom photographed in the 1980's by Esther M. Carroll


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