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Tombstone of May M. & John J. Sparks

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John Jacob Sparks

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John Jacob Sparks
Photo submitted by: Ron Coffmann

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John Jacob Sparks


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Benjamin Sparks & Amanda Barker

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1st row, left to right:  Benj. Sparks & brothers, Will, & believe one
on end is Barton Sparks.  Back row left to right:  Jacob Orendor & wife Mary Ann Sparks, Amanda Barker Sparks, Elizabeth Barker Sparks, Martha Logan Sparks.  Photographed:  1913, Eldon, Mo.

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Christine Michaels & Joseph Barker - note Joseph's G.A.R. badge - at one time his Civil War uniform was on display at the Capitol Building in Jefferson City, Mo.


Left to right: William Lewis Barker, Joseph Barker, Arthur Barker, Jacob Henry Barker
Joseph is wearing his G.A.R. medal.

Christine Michael Sparks Barker & children:
Believe children's names are: Jacob(next to his mother), Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Barton.
Possibly taken in 1872


The man in center with x over his head is Jacob Orendor, two boys in front sitting on ground Creed & Cyril Cardwell.  First row left to right: Zulena Barker Haney holding dau. Mildred, Ethel MauldingSparks holding son Bill, John Emery Cardwell holding son Wm., Jacob Orendor, Joseph Henry Barker, Christine Michael Sparks, Mary Ann Sparks Orendor, dau. above Christine, Golda Mae Sparks, Frank Yuile  Second row: John Haney, Wm. Bud Sparks, Ida Bell Sparks Cardwell,  May Johnson Sparks, Franklin Pierce Barker, Pearl Orendor, Emma Sparks Yuile  Third row: Joseph Barker, John Jacob Sparks holding dau. Marie, Barton Sparks, Benjamin Ami Sparks, Amanda Emiline Barker Sparks  Last row: man unknown






???  Is this Benjamin Sparks & Amanda Barker  ???


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