JOHN JACOB SPARKS was Gene Carroll's grandfather.  John was born in 9 March 1883 in Wakenda, Carroll County, Missouri and was the son of Amanda Emaline Barker and Benjamin Ami Sparks. On 25 February 1903 John married Mae Myrtle Johnston and they became the parents of eight children.  John Sparks died 31 March 1937 from a self inflicted gunshot wound.  Unfortunitely his daughter, Gene's mother, Hazel, witnessed this event.  John is buried in Eldon Cemetery, Miller County, Missouri.

Children of Mae Myrtle Johnston & John Jacob Sparks:

Marie Vivian - born 7 Dec. 1903 & was married to James DeRossett.   Marie died 14 Oct. 1971 & is buried in Eldon, Miller Co., Mo.

Beulah Esther - b: 27 Dec 1905 - d: 21 Aug 1906 - buried: Eldon Cem.

Child - no further information available

Reece Edward - born 4 March 1912.  On 7 June 1941 Reece married Claudine Wright in Eldon.  Reece died 10 May 1966.

Goldie - was born 7 Dec. 1913 in Eldon.  She was married at least four times -  Harry Sullivan; Walter Carroll;  Robt. Carroll;  Walter Carroll (these marriages may not be in the correct order).  Goldie died 14 May 1988 & is buried in Antioch Cemetery, Chesterfield, St. Louis Co., Mo.

Amanda - born 5 Oct. 1915 in Eldon.  "Mandy" was first married to Doris Coffman.  After his death she married Claude Yohn & after he died she married Claude's brother BobYohn.   Mandy died in Washington, Missouri in 2002 & is buried next to Doris in Antioch Cemetery, Chesterfield, Missouri.

Mary Olive - 5 Oct. 1917 in Eldon.  Mary was married at least six times (maybe more).  I don't know the names of her husbands except for three which were: Charlie Rojas;  Bill Thiebe;  Art Welchel.  Mary died 12 February 1980 at Moscow Mills, Mo. & is buried in Antioch Cemetery, Chesterfield, St. Louis Co., Mo.

Hazel Lucille - was born 4 FEb. 1920 In Eldon.  She married Willard Wyate Carroll on 28 Oct. 1940.  Hazel died of cancer on 19 Sept. 1969 in Creve Coeur, St. Louis Co., Mo. & is buried in Antioch Cemetery.

Della Myrtle - b: 21 April 1922 Eldon, Miller Co., Mo. - d: 29 Oct. 1924 Eldon, Miller Co., Mo. buried: Eldon Cem.



BENJAMIN AMI SPARKS was born 5 September 1857 in Indiana.  He was the son of Christine Michaels and Barton Sparks.  On 19 March 1876  in Carroll County, Missouri Benjamin married Amanda Emaline Barker. They had six children.  Benjamin died 22 November 1934 & in Wakenda Carroll County, Missouri and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Children of Amanda Emaline Barker & Benjamin Sparks:

Emma Ellen - born 25 March 1878 in Wakenda.   1 Septemeber 1898 Emma married Frank Yuille.  Emma died November 1904.

William Edward - born 5 June 1880, Wakenda.   28 September 1902 he married Ethel Maulding.  William died 19 October 1966.

John Jacob - born 9 March 1883 in Wakenda.   25 February 1903 he married Mae Myrtle Johnston.  John died 31 March 1937 from a self inflicted gun shot wound.  Saddly his daughter, Hazel, wittnessed this event.

Ida Belle - born 28 July 1883 in Richland, Pulaski County, Missouri.  1 January 1902 Ida married John Emery Cardwell.

Barton - born 16 March 1887 in Richland, Pulaski County, Missouri.  He was never married & died in 1973.

Golda Mae - born 17 September 1896 in Wakenda, Carroll County, Missouri.  She married Harry Hubert Fry.

BARTON SPARKS was born circa 1824 in Lewis County, Kentucky and was the son of Nancy Elizabeth Gilman and James Albert Sparks.  In 1844 Barton married Christine Michaels in Putnam County, Indiana.  Christine was the daughter of Jacob Michaels of Pennsylvania.  Barton & Nancy became the parents of nine children.  Barton died 1873-1896 in Pratt, Kansas & is buried in Wesley Chapel, Rice County, Kansas.

Children of Nancy Elizabeth Gilman & Barton Sparks:

William R. - born 1845 & was married to Elizabeth Barker.

Sarah Jane - born 6 October 1848 in Indiana & was married to Samuel Helry Welch.  Sarah Jane died 27 January 1910 & is buried in Wesley Chapel, Rice County, Kansas.

Mary Ann - born 6 February 1850.  Married Jacob Orendor 12 September 1869.  Mary Ann died 10 February 1922 & is buried in Eldon, Miller County, Missouri.

Elizabeth C. - born December 1852.   Married Reuben Ja. Allen 5 November 1868 in Carroll County, Missouri.

James - born circa 1855.

Benjamin A.M. - born 5 September 1857 in Indiana. Married Amanda Barker 19 March 1876 in Carroll County, Missouri.  Benjamin died 22 November 1934 Wakenda, Carroll County, Missouri.

Barton - born 9 December 1862.  Married Martha Alice Logan 11 November 1883.  Barton died 8 September 1934 Waynesville, Missouri.

Jacob - born 7 September 1867.  Was married to Lily F. Henson.  Jacob died 30 August 1897.

Christine - born 4 June 1873 in Pulaski County, Missouri.  She was married to Andrew Franklin Gan.  Christine died 7 April 1940.

From: mom heidrick
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 5:28 PM
Subject: James Franklin Sparks info

Esther, this is the first e-mail to a researcher that I have written, and I have been researching since 1977.  I believe my gggrandfather James Franklin Sparks is the son of Barton Sparks, born abt 1855.  Everyones research I locate has nothing for this person.  I have a picture of him,  The only evidence I have is family history and oral interviews, but when I located Barton Sparks family, it all started to fit. This is what I know:  James married Julia Kelley.  She died in childbirth  Nov 11, 1880 giving birth to Julia Ann Kelley. in Waynesville, MO  James left the baby Julia Ann  with her grandparents  and went to seek gold,  taking his son with him.  I know nothing else about him. Her grandparents were in the Oklahoma land rush and settled in Paul's Valley Oklahoma. (I can not verify this) Julia was raised by her Aunt Sarah,  we visited Aunt Alice and Uncle Bart, we went to Waynesville to visit relatives. A picture of the Doanne cousins of Carrollton, MO, a picture of Uncle Jake Sparks, one of Aunt Sarah Sparks,, a picture of Julia's father James Franklin Sparks, These are the tidbits of info I have from now deceased family members.  The census puts a Kelley family and Sparks family in Pulaski county Mo at the same time.Enough of my rambling.  Have you heard any stories close to these, or queries about James Franklin Sparks.  I saw the pictures of the Sparks family 1913, Eldon, Mo.  There is a resemblance I believe.  I will send you a copy of the picture so you can compare. If you would like a copy, send me your address.  I am not good with the computer, I havenot figured out gedcom yet, but I use paf 5.  Thank you  Nancy Heidrick or

was born in 1792/98 in Bourbon County, Kentucky and was the son of Ann Wilson and Joseph Sparks. On 3 March 1820 James married Nancy Elizabeth Gilman in Adams County, Ohio.  They became the parents of thirteen children.  James died in 6 March 1856 in Girard, Clayton, Iowa.

Children of Nancy Gilman & James Albert Sparks:

Martha "Patsy": Born 1820, Lewis Co., Ky., married Joseph L. Yates 18 May 1836 in Lewis Co., Ky.;  Martha died 16 Jan. 1895 in Olmstead, Minn. & is buried in the Pleasant Grove Church cemetery in Olmstead.

Allen was born 1 June 1822 in Lewis Co., Ky.He married Martha More/Moore who was the daughter of Mary Zornes & Jeremiah More/Moore. This info provided by: Debra L. Stiff Monsive

Barton was born 1824 in Lewis Co., Ky.  He married Christine Michaels 21 Nov. 1844 in Putnam Co., Ind.  Barton died in Pratt, Kansas (no date available) & is buried in Wesley Chapel, Rice, Kansas.

James Harvey was born 8 Feb. 1826.  He married Emily Jane Coffman 27 Feb. 1851. James was a blacksmith & a farmer & a mason.  During the Civil War her served with Co. I, 43rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry.

Harriet was born in 1828 ?Clayton? Co., Missouri. 

Albert Cyrus born 8 Jan. 1830.

Joseph born 28 Feb. 1832.

Rebecca born 1834.  circa 1853 she married a man by the name of Moore.  Rebecca died in 1856.

Henry born 1836 in Lewis Co., Ky.  Civil War service: Co. C, 3rd Reg., Iowa Inf. Henry died 10 June 1863.

William born 1838 in Indiana.  He married Martha Ann Owens in 1869 in Olmstead, Minn. William died 16 Apr. 1882.

Mary born 1840 in Indiana.  Married Hezekiah Niles Stowe 13 March 1859 in Clayton Co., Iowa.

Elizabeth born 1842 in Indiana.  Married Armistead Kirk.

John born 1844 in Indiana. Marrie Hannah Trowbridge circa 1869.



JOSEPH SPARKS was born circa 1777 in Virginia & christened in 1797.  On 19 January 1798 he married Ann Wilson who was the daughter of Ephraim Wilson of Bourbon County, Kentucky.  They had six children.  Joseph died in 1838 in Concord, Lewis County, Kentucky.

Children of Ann Wilson & Joseph Sparks:

James Albert - born 1798 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  Was married to Nancy Elizabet Gilman in Adams County, Ohio.  James died in 6 March 1856 in Girard, Clayton, Iowa.

Catherine - was married to Isaac Dickson.

Harriet  - was married to Jesse Trusdell.

William -

John -

Joseph -





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