Haunted Sweet Memories

The staff at Sweet Memories affectionately call their ghost "Harriet" as they believe it may be the ghost of Harriet Van Allen who lived in the house from 1869 till she met an untimely demise in 1871 at age 44.  Harriet is not a malicious ghost but has been a bit un-nerving at times.  Some of her antics include:

Frequently opening & closing the front door & occasionally the back door.

Sometimes small objects at Sweet Memories get rearranged.


One time a noodle came flying through the air in the kitchen & landed on the floor.  Since the staff wasn't cooking noodles that day they have no clue where the noodle came from.

Another time near Halloween a small scarecrow table decoration fell over all on it's own on an unoccupied table while Cindy Merx, owner of Sweet Memories, was reciting stories about Harriet to the Parkland Paranormal Society.    This event was witnessed by six people including Gene Carroll.

One day Harriet did not like a table cloth that had been put on one of the tables & kept removing & putting it in the floor while the staff was busy with other projects.  After four or five times of replacing the table cloth Cindy told them that apparently Harriet didn't like it & to put a different table cloth on the table.  That one stayed on.

Another time the upstairs tenant asked Cindy if she had been there late baking cookies the night before as he had smelled cookies baking all night.  She had not been there the night before.

One time the staff was discussing ghosts & one of them stated how they didn't believe in ghosts.  At that time a can of Mandarin oranges flew out of the open kitchen cabinet & landed directly at the skeptic's feet.

A shadow person was observed running through the dining room in Sweet Memories.
There are more stories but you will need to contact Cindy about them.........

Parkland Paranormal Society
28 October 2006

On October 28th, 2006 members of the Parkland Paranormal Society met at Sweet Memories Sandwich & Ice Cream Shop along with Potosi resident Gene Carroll for a ghost hunt.  Everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner as Cindy Merx, Owner/Proprietor, filled them in on the history of the house including Harriet it's resident ghost.  During the storytelling Harriet made her presence known by knocking over a small scarecrow table decoration at an unoccupied table.

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After the restaurant closed for the evening the ghost hunt began.  One of the paranormal investigators saw something & another felt a very strong presence.  Also some temperature fluctuations were recorded.  After the ghost hunt the paranormal investigators walked down the street to visit the old City Cemetery along with the adjoining Presbyterian & Masonic Cemeteries.

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Missouri Paranormal Research
Investigation 19 May 2007

This Sweet Memories ghost hunt was conducted by Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR) ~ a dedicated, experienced group of ghost hunters from St. Louis.  They have done many investigations in various Missouri locations & have been featured in numerous publications, radio & tv talk shows & have made several documentary films about the paranormal.   These films will be featured on TV on the Sci-Fi & Discovery Channels in the near future.

At left:  The MPR Team - (front row) - Ginny Clifton, Theresa, Esther Carroll, (second row) - Sandy Oates, (third row) - Tom Halstead, Wade Baird, Laura Helbig, (back row) - Greg Myers, Steven LaChance & Elliot.

Also see the MPR Sweet Memories page

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Potosi Ghost Hunt
Sweet Memories served as Command Post


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East side of Sweet Memories
Photographed the night of 29 Oct. 2007
By:  Sherry Battreal

Mysterious green streak which some believe to be ectoplasm.  At left is the original pic & at right is the same picture lightened to better show the green streak.



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K.O.P.S. - Knights Of The Paranormal Society

Investigation of 8 November 2008


Want a link to your paranormal investigation at Sweet Memories?  Just send an email to: eziock@yahoo.com


Historic Sweet Memories

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