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By: Dick Donovan – Staff writer
Weekly World News
Page 19,   June 9, 1992

You might say early bird hunter Larry Lands sorta cooked his own goose when the turkey he thought he had shot dead suddenly quit playing possum - and shot him back!  “Looks like the turkeys are fighting back,” Washington County, Missouri, Sheriff Ron Skiles said.  Seems 40 year old Larry and his 16 year old son, Larry Jr., were proudly showing a friend the gobbler they had bagged when, without warning, the sneaky critter suddenly began thrashing around in the trunk of their car.  “The father’s loaded shotgun was also in the trunk,” Sheriff Skiles said.  “Somehow or other, the turkey managed to get a claw on the trigger.  The shotgun discharged, sending the shot through the side panel of the car and into the father’s leg.   “The gun was loaded with 12-guage, three-inch Magnums.  The blast struck him in the left leg, about six inches above the knee.  It shattered the bone and pretty much tore up the flesh.  “I hear he may lose the leg.  If not, he’s in for a lot of reconstructive surgery.  It’s a heck of a price to pay for a turkey.”  Adding insult to inljury, it turns out the two hunters had launched their turkey shoot out of season and now face misdemeanor charges that could get them a year in jail.  “They were definitely hunting out of season,” the sheriff explained.  “They bagged their turkey a week before the season opens.”

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