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Washington County UFO Sightings
From:  National UFO Reporting Center
State Report Index For MO


Potosi - 8/25/05 - I was driving along Hwy 8 heading West. I was just about to Potosi, MO when I spotted something heading toward earth with a huge orage streak behind it. At first I thought it was a jet, but it was too large to be a jet. It seemed to be a black object with a huge amount of flames trailing behind it. It was heading South. I watched it for a good 4 minutes before I lost sight of it behind a very big group of clouds. I was looking for it again and I caught sight of it as I passed by where I thought I might see it. Noone else on the road seemed to notice it.

Mineral Point - 7/19/2001 - The stars were very bright. There were no clouds. I was watching a sattelite moving through the sky southwest. When it reached the treeline I noticed another "star" moving north at a very high rate of speed. It was not a constant light, but more of a pulsing light. The best way I can describe it was like a knife being thrown. It tumbled end over end. It was very high in the sky, seemed to be in space. As it zipped through space i would loose sight of it, but following its trajectory I could pick it up. It was moving way too fast and high to be conventional aircraft. I followed it till it disappeared. It seems to slow down at times then pick up speed very quickly.

Potosi - 7/2/2001 - The object started out as a dim light,such as a satelitte in our outer atmosphere.It seemed to appear out of nothing.It moved from east to west, it went from dim to a very bright white light then went back to dim as it continued in a western direction,then it completely disappeared.I was watching the stars looking for satelittes,it was a clear very starry night,away from city lights.There were aircraft in the vicinity,but not tracking the object.The object was too high for aircraft to fly.No blinking,colored lights,just bright white light.It was in outer space!!!

Washington County  - 1/11/1999 - My 6 year old brother ((name deleted)) pointed it out to myself, my mom, and her boy friend.  My brother saw the whole thing, I, and my mother saw just over half. My brothr saw it come out of the sky. It was about the size of a football field and was about 30-50 miles away from where we were standing. When I saw it, it was droping behind the trees. It had a glossy wet looking surface. When I saw it there were only 7 lights left, the rest had already droped behind the trees. when my mom saw it. there were 8 lights. The only thing in that direction is a lake. There were two planes in the area, but the lights on this were in a circular shape and just above the tree line. It went down slowly(I think it landed).

Belgrade - 11/16/1998 - Spotted object overhead, then watched it shoot across the sky, coming from the northwest and traveling easterly.  Sitting in my truck waiting to go deer hunting I was watching a meteor shower and all of the sudden an intense flash of light caught my at- tention. The object traveled a short distance giving off an orange trail . It shot across the top of my truck never making a sound. I jumped out trying to follow it with my eyes. It made about a 45 degree turn, emitted another intense flash of light and disappeared. I couldn't make out any particular color or shape because it was traveling too fast. Then I began watching the trail. You could see it move with the wind until it also disappeared.