The Independent Journal
Potosi, Washington County, Missouri
21 June, 1990

Unexplained Phenomenon at Lawrence Akers Farm - Washington County, Missouri

Lawrence Akers was mowing hay on his farm at the west edge of Belgrade last Wednesday, June 13th when he noticed some unusual markings on the ground.   He steered clear of the area and checked it out.

An unusual design was evident as the grass had been killed in a pattern about 24 feet long and 18 feet wide.  It looked to be maybe a week or more old.

Family, friends and neighbors viewed the phenomenon and no one offered an explanation as most quickly assumed that it might be a UFO landing site.

Akers remembers that as he mowed hay he noticed two spots where it looked llike something had walked through the tall grass not too far from the dead grass.

The "landing" was basically in the middle of a large hayfield 1/4 to 1/2 mile from the nearest inhabited structure.  The grass was killed similar to when frosted grass is driven on - The design included a basic center with a dozen 'legs' 8 to 10 feet long extending in all directions looking much like a large spider from the air.  Slight indentations were noted in the ground at the end of the 'legs.'

News media viewed the location with cautious speculation some calling it a 'landing site' and others "making fun."  Ye Ed was at the site and has no conclusion except that it was very unusual.

UFO authorities have visited the scene - three persons Saturday, two on Sunday and one of them again on Monday.  Samples were taken and they were expected to get back in touch with the Akers on Wednesday with their determination.

It is unexplained but may not be unexplainable.


The Independent Journal - 28 June 1990

Mrs. Lawrence Akers told the "I-J" Tuesday that she and her husband still had no official word from the UFO people on what the possible "landing site" on their property is, but that Lawrence had received word that his report was prompting several other contacts from persons who had seen strange lights and one from another person near Cuba, Mo. who reported a "landing site" which is also being investigated.

Lawrence found the unexplained phenomenon while cutting hay Wednesday, June 13th.  Grass was dead even the roots in an unusual pattern in the center of a large hayfield.  The 18' x 24' design resembled a large spider from the air - a center with twelve 8 to 10 ft. long 'legs' - like the ground had been branded.

The cause of the unusual incident may never be known

The Independent Journal 30 April 1992

Lawrence Akers called Saturday, April 25th to report again finding a strange pattern in a pasture on another farm he owns west of Belgrade (the Hurst Nipper place).  Akers came across the unusual design in the 4 to 6 inch tall grass about 250 yard north of the Nipper homesite Tuesday afternoon late (April 21st).  When he first found it the grass was powdery white then in a couple of days it was dead brown.

Many of you may remember that on Wednesday, June 13th, 1990 while cutting hay on his home farm west of Belgrade Lawrence Akers came across an unusual pattern where the grass roots were even dead.  The 18 x 24 design at that time resembled a large spider from the air - a center with twelve 8 to 10 ft. long 'legs' - looked just like the ground had been branded.

The design found Tuesday at the Nipper place resembles the first pattern in many respects although the 'legs' are longer - 20 x 27' or so and there is no defined center.

Cause of the first phenomenon was never explained and Akers doubts it will this time either.

Lawrence noted, "I know what I think it is, but I'm not saying for sure - I really don't need the headaches and ridicule the TV news media  created two years ago.  I'd just like to have it explained!  Surely someone has an explanation."

Before there were those who agreed it was probable a UFO landing site, while others blamed lightning, fertilizer, made accusations, etc. and still others were non-believers or could have cared less one way or the other."

"I'd like to know what causes this, how it gets there - If it's our government, someone or something  else?  I can be open-minded about it - but for right now all I know is what I see and believe.

"To me it looks like it was burned, that's all I know for sure!"

If anyone saw anything in the area early last week - lights, an aircraft, anything unusual - call Mr. Akers or the 'I-J' if you will.  There has to be an answer, something made the design!