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Researched & Written By:  Esther M. Ziock Carroll
Copyright 13 March 1998 - Cert.#085825298

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I am a member of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War   -  Julia Dent Grant, Tent #16, St. Louis, Missouri.  In 1994 this organization published a book entitled Missouri - Our Civil War Heritage.  This 492 page book which was written by DUV members and other volunteers includes the history of 76 Missouri counties and tells how each was involved in the Civil War.

I  researched and wrote the chapter on Washington County, Missouri.  I worked very hard for almost two years, 1992 - 1994, (& enjoyed every minute of it) researching and writing this chapter.  Gene and I drove a lot of miles to do this research making many, many trips to the Washington County Library in Potosi and we visited more than once the St. Louis Public Library, the Curtis-Laws-Wilson Library at the University of Missouri - Rolla-Phelps County and also did research at the Ironton Library-Iron County, Fredericktown Public Library-Madison County, DeSoto Library-Jefferson County and to Crawford County. 

I often put in 16 to 20 hours of work a day.    I did research all day then stayed up all night sorting and organizing the research material and writing and re-writing the text.  I did not have a word processor or computer at the time either!!!  And I got very caught up in this research - so much so that I dreamed about it in my sleep.   One time I dreamt that I lived on a plantation in the south and I had just received word that Gen. William T. Sherman's army was approaching.  I woke myself and Gene up hollering in my sleep, "Hide the animals!  Sherman's Raiders are coming!"  You will note that I was not concerned with the soldiers confiscating our food, money or other valuables.   I just wanted to save my animals!  Sherman's soldiers usually killed all livestock on a plantation and sometimes got carried away with their slaughter and occsionally killed household pets too.  You might also note as to who's "side" I was on.  Even though my writing represented the Union side in the book, in my dreams I was a southerner.

During my research I sorted through soooooo many Official Reports that when I finished my manuscript I decided to submit an Official Report of my own:

To: DUV Headquarters                                           
St. Louis District
Attn: Sue Ladage

From: Potosi Outpost
SEMO District
Esther M. Carroll

Dear Sue,

I finally have the Civil War history of Washington County completed!........I would like to submit my Official Report as follows:

1,000's of hours of research, studying, writing, revising, rewriting & typing
100's of miles traveled by automobile & on foot
2 -3 large tablets of writing paper
3 tablets of typing paper
3 - 4 typewriter ribbon cartridges
1/2 dozen or more pencils
1 worn out pencil sharpener
1 smoking, worn out, broken typewriter
1 starving, neglected husband
3 starving, neglected children (our dog & 2 cats)
1 dirty, cluttered house

Campaign was sucessfully completed before the deadline............. Reconstruction of the Carroll household will now be underway........... House will be cleaned, laundry & dishes done properly & decent meals will again be served.



"It's very interesting!  My husband read it and he thinks it is interesting too.  You are very good at writing."  Sarah Eads - English Teacher - Mineral Area College

"I had a chance this weekend to look at Missouri - Our Civil War Heritage.  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed 'Washington County in the Civil War'.  It was by far one of the best sketches in the volume."   John F. Bradbury, Jr., - Senior Manuscript Specialist - Western Historical Manuscript Collection - University of Missouri  - Rolla and author of the chapters on Texas and Phelps counties

"It sounds like you did a lot of research.  My hat's off to you!"  Edgar Dotson - Washington County citizen

"I have just finished reading Missouri - Our Civil War Heritage and I have found that your writing, and story, about the Civil War in Washington County was one of the better chapters in that book.  The depth of your research 'shines' through in your 'work'.........you did a good job."  Doyle Morris - St. Francois County citizen

Announcement in "The Army Argus" Newsletter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Military Order of the Stars and Bars:  "The Daughters of Union Veterans have recently published a 492 page book about the federal invasion of Missouri during the War of yankee Aggression.  The chapter on Washington County, Missouri was researched and written by Esther Carroll, wife of Compatriot Willard Carroll, so we know that at least one chapter will be good."  Gene Dressel - Editor - Commander of the Military Order of the Stars & Bars

"You did a good chapter!  It's really good!"   Roger Forsythe - Civil War re-enactor and author of the chapter on St. Francois County

"We're proud of you for doing that."  Pauline Higginbotham - Washington County citizen

"I really enjoyed your chapter!"  Jack Clay - St. Francois County Historical Society



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Roger Forsythe, the author of the chapter on St. Francois County, organized a book signing which was held at The Book Gallery, a book store in Farmington, Missouri on Saturday, April 22, 1995.  This book signing was very successful and many copies of the book were sold that day. Roger wore his Civil War re-enactors uniform and I wore a beautiful Civil War era burgandy colored ball gown with a hoop skirt which I am not used to wearing.  I could not sit down the whole time at the book signing because of the hoop skirt!  I was extremely nervous that day because I had never participated in a book signing before & I am definately not accustomed to people wanting my autograph!

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Some of the ladies of the DUV (Daughter of Union Veterans) and authors of other chapters in Missouri - Our Civil War Heritage came from St. Louis and other counties to participate. In the picture at right are left to center:  Jack Mayes, author of Iron County chapter & mayor of Ironton;   Roger Forsythe;  Esther Carroll (autographing book);  Ruth Funck, National President of Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War.  Center to right:   Sue Ladage, author of Perry County chapter & D.U.V. member;  Opal Wright, D.U.V. member who resides in Farmington;  Jerry Ponder (only left shoulder visible) author of chapters on Butler, Carter, Oregon & Ripley counties.  He is a member of Sons of Confederate Vetereans.


A dedication ceremony for a new Civil War monument was held Sunday, Sept. 17th, 1995 at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis.  It was hosted by the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Julia Dent Grant Tent #16.  The monument was placed "IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR VALIANT ANCESTORS WHO FOUGHT TO PRESERVE THE UNION WITH LOYALTY TO GOD, COUNTRY AND FLAG FOR A JUST AND LASTING PEACE."

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The ceremony began with a parade by uniformed Union, Confederate & Zouaves re-enactors which was followed by introductions & a dedication speech.  While the "Battle Hymn of the Repbulic" was beautifully sung the monument was unveiled.  This was followed by floral presentations at which time a memorial bouquet was also taken & placed at the base of the Confederate monument which stands a few hundred feet west of the Union monument.  After the benediction taps were sounded & the ceremony concluded with a rifle salute fired by the 3rd Mo. Infantry re-enactors. The monument was mostly funded by the sale of 300 volumes of "Missouri - Our Civil War Heritage" a 492 page book, written by numerous authors, which provided the Civil War history of 76 Missouri Counties.  The chapter on Washington County was researched and written by Potosi resident and D.U.V. member, Esther M. Carroll.  Both Esther and Gene Carroll attended the dedication ceremony.



In the winter edition of the Daughters of Union Veterans newsletter an announcement was made regarding the Civil War monument that the DUV placed at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and dedicated in September of 1995.  At the DUV 1996 National Convention the monument won the Lulu Cadwalader Award.  This is considered a very prestigious award.  The letter also stated that the monument will be standing for generations to come to remind future Americans how fortunate we are to live in this wonderful nation and partake of its freedoms.

The newsletter went on to say:"......This organization [the DUV] couldn't exist, much less thrive as it does, if it were not for the unselfish devotion and work done by each of you [its members].  We all contribute in our own way.  The sum of all of us makes the whole that much stronger."

*  *  *

A copy of Missouri - Our Civil War Heritage is also available
in the reference section of the Washington County Library
and also at the State Historical Society of Missouri,
Columbia, Missouri


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