I remember this tornado very well.  I was at home alone as my husband had gone deer hunting way up in northern Missouri with some of his co-workers.  It had been storming very badly & the tornado struck the east end of Potosi at 6:21 p.m. just after the National Weather Service had given the all-clear.  We live out the west end of town & fortunately there was no damage here.  I was able to listen to all of the emergency talk on our police/fire scanner. It was really chaotic & frantic for awhile as people were trapped in the grocery store & other buildings.  One person was killed.  My father-in-law & I drove around the next day looking at all the damage.  I'd seen scenes of damage like that on tv but never for real.  It really lets a person know the amazing power of those things. 

I will be adding more stories of this tornado later so check back from time to time.