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If you would like to submit your or your ancestor's historic (pre-1950) structure, building, home, land, or place to the Washington County Register of Historic Places please send a brief account of it's history (preferably accompanied by a picture) to the email address below.  In return for sharing you will be issued an attractive, official Carroll's Corner  8 1/2 x 11  Washington County Register of Historic Places Certificate printed on your choice of gray, beige, pink, blue or natural parchment paper & suitable for framing& displaying in your home, office or place of business.  (A $3.00 donation to offset cost of paper, printing & postage would be appreciated.)




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Sweet Memories  

Builder & specific date of construction is unknown at this time.  Deed records on property go back to Moses Austin 1808.  Previous owners are: Samuel Harrison - James Lucas 1845; G. I. Van Alen (Washington Co. Prosecuting Attorney) 1869.   1881 - 1887 the Homan Family.    In 1893 Francis X. Connelly purchased the house.  The Connelly's lived in the house for 34 years.  The small house in the back was referred to by old-timers as the slave house.  The slaves were free but continued to live with the Connellys.  The slaves slept in the little house but ate in the kitchen of the big house.  Al & Joyce Weiss lived in the house for approx. 50 years. It currently belongs to Cindy & Dave Merx who purchased it from John More.



Built in 1824. Was
originally a stage stop inn.Had separate quarters for slaves. Used as field hospital
during Civil War.

Caledonia Wine Cottage
Listed National Register of Historic Places - Caledonia Historic District.  Currently Owned by: Pepper Carpenter & Dave Buis.



Hilltop ~ Oil painting done in 1949 by Melvin Thomas Ives ~ Belonged to the Turner Family & dates back to circa 1890. Listed on USGS Maps as "Turner Hill" or "Turner Mountain", Belgrade - Caledonia area. Submitted by: James Turner Harris


Confidential Location in eastern Washington County ~ Original section of structure is hand hewn logs w/ mud chinking, hand quarried stone foundation.  Possibly dates back to 1855.  Owners:  Confidential



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Dennis Kelly house ~ Circa 1860 ~ North Missouri St. at Breton St., Potosi
Submitted By:  Thomas Fea





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