William Milam
1783 - 1848

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I found William Milam's tombstone in the McGready Family Plot in the Potosi Presbyterian Cemetery on Breton Street.
Photographed By:  Esther M. Ziock Carroll - November, 2006


William Milam was born in Kentucky & was one of six children of  Elizabeth Pattie Boyd & Moses Milam who were married in 1774.  William's siblings were Archibald, Patsy, John, Benjamin & James.  William's father Moses Milam was from Virginia & was a Revolutionary War soldier.  William's brother, Benjamin Milam, was in the War of 1812 & was a leading figure in the Texas Revolution.  Milam County in Texas was named after him.


PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH   (Note - In Goodspeed's history it says "BAPTIST" church but this must be a misprint  as other records indicate Presbyterian churhch) - -     On the 21st of August, 1833, William Milan donated & conveyed to James Glenn, P.P. Brickey & John C. Brickey, trustees of the Baptist Church, a lot on Breton street, in Potosi, for the purpose of having a chuch erected thereon.............From:  Goodspeeds Hist. of Wash. Co. Mo. - pg. 534

CITY CEMETERY - In 1831 William Milam proposed to donate to the citizens of Potosi a lot between Breton & High Streets for a cemetery, & a subscription was at once commenced to raise funds to clear & fence the lot.............From:  Goodspeeds Hist. of Wash. Co. Mo. - pg. 519

Edward Bates was the arbitrator in the famous Austin land grant suit.  This was not the suit for the partition which old Moses Austin brought at the first meeting of the Washington County Court in 1814, when he wished to divide the  tract between himself &  John Rice Jones, but, it was the suit brought after the death of Stephen F. Austin.  William Milam of Kentucky, a brother of the Gen. Milam, after whom Milam County, Texas was named, had a claim on the _____  for money advanced, & John Deane, ______  represented parties known as the Devotion heirs, who had a similar claim.  Mr. Bates decided that Milam had the prior claim & awarded him the land, subject to the amount of the Dean claim.  This Milam refused to pay, & Deane paid Milam's claim & took the land.  Mr. Long, of Potosi, now holds what is left of the grant by purchase from the Deane heirs.    From:  Moses Austin file - Washington County Library

MILAM, WILLIAM, - will dated 30 Oct 1847. Brother James Milam of Franklin Co, Ky, all my real & personal estate both in Missouri and Texas. Exr, brother James Milam Wit: M Fressell, John Holt & G. W McNeal. Rec 31 Mar 1848. (Will C:21-22)    http://files.usgwarchives.net/mo/washington/history/washco02.txt

WILLIAM MILAM - Probate File #735 - Estate of William Milam, deceased.   Year of death:  1847 - William Milam was the owner of Lots deeded to the City of Potosi for the Public City Burying Ground (City Cemetery) in year of 1833 - Potosi Presbyterian Church - (Deeded in year of 1833) - These land surveys are recorded in the Washington County Recorder of Deeds Office in Survey Book 1824 - 1840 - survey # 8 & 15 - The deeds to same lots are recorded in book C, page 148 (Presbyterian Church) & (City Cemetery) - Book __  & ___ - We believe that William Milam was living in the Durham Hall at the time of his death & that he was operation the Moses Austin Store across the creek from Durham Hall, Moses Austin's home.  His inventory in the Probate File indicates notes Mr. Milam held from persons well known in the years of the early 1800's. - We note also that the dates 1847 - 1848 (The date given us by the core drilling of the log structure where the samples were taken from the Austin Store) could not be correct as the Store was already in operation many years before these dates.       From: William Milam file - Washington County Library


William Milam's brother, Benjamin Rush Milam, in the Revolutionary struggles of Mexico against the Spanish Monarchy before 1820 & of his later efforts to colonize land grants in the Mexican State of Texas.........................I know very little of the activities of the Milam family in Missouri.  I am aware that the first was the widowed sister-in-law of William & Ben Milam named Susannah Milam who married a man named Massey after the death of husband Archibald Milam in 1804.  They relocated in Missouri around 1810 in the area of Palmyra, Mo.  In 1825 Jefferson Milam accompanied Ben Milam to the Red River district of Texas where he became a surveyor, married Eliza McKinney, raised a large family, received a league of land as a colonist in the Mexican State of Texas & assisted his Uncle Ben in settling colonists in northeast Texas.  Indeed at least half of the Milam family members in Texas are descended from Jefferson Milam.....................The original spelling of the name was from the Parish of Mileham in Northhampshire, England.  The first Milehams to immigrate from England landed in Boston in 1624.........................It appears that the families migrated west New York & south into Virginia........................Archibald Milam's son, Moses Milam, received land in Kentucky near Frankfort where they settled during the 1880's.  His sons included William, James, Archibald, & Benjimin Milam.................From:   William Milam file - Washington County Library

McCORMACK, JANE, - will dated 12 Oct 1843
29 Nov 1843. Sec.
William Milam & Stephen To Dunklin. (Bond A:--)
RAMBO, JACOB H., into Admrs, Sarah Rambo & George W. Higgin
botham. 20 Oct 1840. Sec. Stephen To Dunklin & William Milam.
(Bond A:--)
RICKAS, FRANCOIS TRESSA, int Admr, Ettienne Lamarque. 5 Oct
1835. Sec5 John S Brickey & William Milam (Bond A:--)
SMITH, REUBIN, - will dated 20 June 18280
Sec. James M. White & William Milam (Bond
A:52-53)' Admr de bonds non, Thomas M. Horine. 12 Jan 18290 Sec. Benjamin
Horine &'Josiah McClanahan (Bond A:54-55) Admr de bonds non, William
-17 Aug 1830
WHALEY, WIL-.IAM'J-, - will dater 15 Jan 1837
Sec. Israel McGready, SrO & William Milam. (Bond
WHITTLE, JAMES P., int. Admr, Mason Frissel. 1 July 18370 Sec William Milam
& Israel McGready9 Senr. (Bond A:--)


1830 Census
William Milam     0-0-0-0-0-0-1
This was the only Milam/Milan that was in the county in that census


1840 Census - None for WashCoMo or Texas but did find a Wm. B. Milam in Franklin Co., Ky. living 5 houses from James Milam.