Emilie - was born 1 June 1846 in Hattingen, Germany & was the daughter of Heinrich Ziock.  Emilie had a deformity - she was hunchbacked.   Emilie never married. She died at 1700 S. 10th street, ward 8 - 16 Dec. 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Cause of death: intercostal rheumatism - acute pericarditis.  She is buried in New Pickers Cemetery.

Lilian Ziock Palmer told me that they always used to call Emilie Tantemeekin.  I'm not sure if I'm spelling the "meekin" part of the name correctly.  Aunt Lil didn't know how to spell it & didn't know what it meant.  Tante is German for aunt but I still don't know what the "meekin" part means.

Newspaper article, Rockford Daily Register-Gazette, 20 Apr 1905
Will of late Wm. Ziock probated..............Value of estate placed at even Quarter Million
.. and providing for the live maintenance of an only sister............ By the terms of the will a bequest of 20 shares of bank stock goes to Rockford Hospital on the death of Mathilda Ziock, a daughter of the deceased.    Ms. Ziock is to have the income during life from the shares and to provide $20/mo for the maintenance of the aged maiden sister of the deceased, Emile Ziock. From: FOZ