BERTHA ZIOCK was born 1872 and was the daughter of August,Sr. and Elise Schrobeck.  Although Bertha never married she was engaged at one time to a dentist that she met while she was working at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.  He had come over from Germany for the fair.  After the fair was over he wanted her to go back to Germany with him but she did not want to go to so he went back and she stayed here.   ~  Bertha lived in her parents household along with her brothers Henry & August Jr. & her nephew (my father) Gus.  She did the cooking for her family & would always set the table for breakfast before she went to bed the night before. As she set the table she would turn the dishes upside down so no dust would settle in them during the night.  She often got irritated at August Jr. & Gus as anytime she would bake they would always eat it all.  One day she hid her baking (believe it was a cake) so they couldn't eat it.  When Gus & August came home that night they new she had been baking as they could smell the good aroma in the house.  They searched & searched until they finally found the cake then they sat down & promptly ate it all. I was told that Bertha got very mad at them for it too.  lol  ~  One time when the Ziocks were entertaing company Bertha heard some klunking sounds over by the wall. Bertha thought is was rats in the wall so she went over & stood with her back to the wall & discreetly tapped on the wall behind her back trying to quiet the rats.  Later they found out that it wasn't rats but burglars had been going up & down the outside steps & robbing them from the upstairs rooms.  ~   In her old age Bertha was in the Lutheran Altenheim in St. Louis.  She died of a cerebral hemorrhage/hypertension in 1943 and is buried in New Pickers Cemetery, St. Louis.  I have a beautiful hand crocheted bedspread made by Bertha and it has the date "1892." embroidered in one corner of it.


Miss Bertha Ziock - entered 30 March 1943 - Room 41 - Died: 7:40 a.m., 28 Dec. 1943
Address: Brother
Mr. Theodore Ziock
8115 Stratford
Clayton, Mo.
Tel: 3925


Bertha Ziock
b: 24 March 1872 - St. Louis, Mo.
Parents: August & Elise Ziock
Married: No
Occupation: Kept house for my parents never worked outside home
Resided in America:71 yrs.
Resided in Missouri: 71 yrs.
Member of Lutheran Church: yes
Congregation:  Emmaus Lutheran Church
Afflicted with any disease: no
Afflicted with bodily defects: no
Have you the required Admission fee of $1,000: yes
Have you any property real or personal: I have a Road bond Palo Pinto of state of Texas.  5 1/2 % $1,000.00 had this bond many years & they have never defaulted.  Cash of $500.00 & Gov. bonds of $300.00
Have you any income: no
Life Insurance: no
Old age pension: no
Are your character witnesses Lutheran Christians: yes
Doctor's certificate enclosed: yes
Do you promise to assist in the work of the Home [Lutheran Altenheim] as much as you can: yes to the bes of my ability
Signature Applicant:  Bertha Ziock - March 6th 1943
Witness: Matilda Cramme - Anna Oldenettel
Matilda Cramme - member of Evangelical Lutheran Church - Bethel Lutheran - 34 years. Has applicant lived a Christian life: yes   Is applicant industrially inclined: yes, very
Is applicant of a peaceable & quiet disposition:  yes
The pastor of her church was also interviewed & stated: "Miss Ziock will be a real asset to the home.  A fine Christian character!"  Pastor R. J. ?Forgler?


Letters from Bertha Ziock to Gussy Ziock


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