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Dear Esther, 

It can be assumed that Peter Ziock immigrated to Germany coming from Italy (?) or somewhere else. The name "Ziock" does not exist in Italy and did not 250 years  ago.


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To  me it seems to be clear that the original name was "Ciocco", with a pronouciation very similar to  Ziock. This means: Ciocco was renamed to a name fitting better to the German language. When this has happenend exactly and where must be found out.

Most of "Cioccos"  today live  and in the past lived in Switzerland: Graubünden, Grisons, situated at the italian border!  These emigrants were called "the Welsch" from Bünden; they were thousands. Most of them were artisans, e.g. masons, lithotomes, painters and  - why not -  glasers.

This is just one trace  into your personal past and without a promise of success. If you kwow more: Please let kwow about it. You find the Cioccos in the Phone-list of Switzerland and in the Mormon' s records.

By the way, the old Lerners lived in Switzerland, too. But more about that maybe later. 

Your' sincerely   Horst