Esther M. Ziock Carroll

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ESTHER M. ZIOCK CARROLL: Esther_at_Six_Flags.jpg (17627 bytes)I was born 30 March 1948 at Park Lane Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.  When my mother went into labor in the middle of the night daddy went out to start the car to take her to the hospital. However, the car (which was an old Terraplane) would not start.  So daddy hooked up the sidecar to his motorcycle, put pillows and blankets in it, then carried my mother out, put her in the side car & away they went!  Since it was 1:00 a.m. there was no traffic so daddy ran every red light there was to get us to the hospital.  Later, after my mother was admitted to the hospital, upon examination by a nurse, it was determined that I had not turned properly for birth & was going to come out feet first instead of head first like most other babies do.  I wanted to come out standing on my own two feet but they wouldn't let me do it & I was born by cicerian section between 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon - just in time for lunch!  When I came home from the hospital my great uncle, Theodore Ziock, brought us home in his limousine.

When we lived in Shrewsbury I walked several blocks to kindergarten every morning all by myself.  When I was about five or six we moved to Chesterfield, St. Louis County.  There I went to Chesterfield Elementry school.  I went to Crestview Junior High School at Glencoe. I was in the second graduating class to go through all four grades at the new Lafayette High School, Ellisville graduating in 1966.   In June 1969 I married GENE CARROLL at Antioch Baptist Church.  I lived behind the church cemetery and Gene lived just down the road from the church.  After we were married Gene and I then moved into a house across the street from Chesterfield Elementery school where we lived for five years.  Then we lived in Franklin County, Missouri for seven years before moving to Washington County in 1981 where we still reside.

Jobs I have held in my lifetime:  First job was when I was still in high school - I worked for the Ellisville Theatre.  Other jobs were at Pet Milk Company in St. Louis, Community Press Newspaper in Ellisville, Zayre Department Store in Ballwin, Central Hardware in Ballwin, Sears Department Store at Chesterfield Mall, Six Flags over Mid-America at Allenton, and teaching Continuing Education classes in genealogy at Mineral Area College at Park Hills (formerly known as Flat River), Missouri.  For more about me click here.


EstherZiock1948.jpg (6309 bytes)

Semi-nude of yours truely - Esther Ziock in 1948


Esther Ziock circa 1953

Esther & Gus Ziock @ Bennet Spring State Park  1953


EstherZiock&BobbyEggering1954.JPG (15182 bytes)
Esther Ziock & her first
boyfriend Bobby Eggering - 1950's

Esther Ziock ca. 1954 in Anadarko, Oklahoma with an Indian Chief & Princess


I'm trying my hand at sewing.  The sewing basket at my feet is the one given to my by Meta Ziock.

This is me with my kitten
"Elvis" in the 1950's


Esther Ziock & friend Pat Glover somewhere in Mexico.  1950's

Esther Ziock & Pat Glover on ox cart somewhere in Mexico.  1950's


Esther Ziock at Lover's Leap on Lookout Mountain, Chatanooga, Tenn. 1959

Esther Ziock - Lookout Mtn., Tenn. 1959


At left is a picture of Esther Ziock with Santa Claus at Hungry Herman's Restaurant in Acapulco, Mexico in 1959.  He was an American we met in Acapulco & became friends with.  He even came to visit us once staying several days or maybe a week with us at our home in Chesterfield, Mo., USA. 

He had resigned from the priesthood & did charity work on his own in Acapulco. He helped with orphans & took food to prisoners in the prison there.  Every Christmas he would dress up as Santa for all the children & people.  His real name was Alan J. Rawlingsford.  He eventually left Acapulco & took his charity work overseas.  He traveled extensively sending us post cards from all over the world.  He was a very nice person & is now deceased.


Esther Ziock on a pyramid at Tenayuca, Mexico.  1961

Esther Ziock on a pyramid at Tenayuca, Mexico.  1961


Pearl & Esther Ziock at the old fort at
Acapulco, Mexico.  1961

Esther Ziock at the old fort at
Acapulco, Mexico.  1961


Esther Ziock & cousin Billie Jean Martin at Ozark Country Store near Eminence, Mo.  1963

Billie Jean Martin & Esther Ziock at Acapulco Harbor 1963.  The ship was the freighter Colimba.




Esther Ziock on her horse Red Cloud.
Chesterfield, St. Louis Co., Mo.

Esther Ziock riding a Longhorn steer somewhere in Texas. 1966


Esther Ziock in New Mexico.  1966

Esther Ziock standing on a bluff overlooking the Grand Canyon in Arizona.   1966



E.M.Ziock&A.T.Ziock.JPG (9709 bytes)

Esther M. Ziock with her father August T. Ziock Photographed: June, 1966 at Chesterfield, Mo. after Esther's High School graduation.

OurWedding05.JPG (11977 bytes)

Gus Ziock & Esther Ziock - Esther's Wedding - 14 June 1969

EstherCarroll-withlonghair.JPG (7607 bytes)

Esther Ziock Carroll
with really long hair.
Photographed: 1970's



EstherZiock&JohnPalmer.JPG (12789 bytes)

Esther Ziock & John Palmer - 1960's

JeanJohnEsther2005.jpg (26072 bytes)

Jean Bone Cantrell, John Palmer, Esther Ziock Carroll & Jenny Dog. Jean & John are first cousins once removed to Esther.   Photographed at Esther's home near Potosi, Missouri 12 June 2005.



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Afghan01.jpg (27108 bytes)


Afghan02.jpg (25158 bytes)

All of these afghans were hand crocheted by
Esther M. Ziock Carroll



Esther's Arts & Crafts


Wire Art Deer - took 1st place at Washington County Fair in 1983

Plastic Art Butterfly

Embroidered Wall Hanging

Wire Art Owl