Gabby is a school teacher & a descendant of Julius Ziock & wife of Dr. Horst Lerner.  Gabby was born in 1948.

28 January 2007:

Dear Esther,  in order to get informations about the Ziock family I discovered your home page. Very well done, let me say! I am Horst Lerner (*1947), the husband of Gabriele Lerner b. Stöcker 1948. She is a descendant of Petrus Ziock  and others. There would be more details to report about our family, profession, children etc.: Today let me give you the more important facts as far as "The Family" is concerned.


The attached file ziock & vorbrod shows that Friedrich Ziock (* abt 1795 ?) is probably a  brother or cousin of Heinrich Ziock (*1801/1803). This gets support by the following marriages in 1810 (J. F. Ziock & G. Vorbrod) 1827 (H. Ziock & S. Schäfer) I do not find any other context - do you?

In the following I just give you a rough drawing of what happened in the
next decades:

- November 22, 1888  marriage in Dortmund Julius Ziock (*1857) & Jakobine Schwertfeger (*1853) One daughter is  Johanna Ziock (*October 13,1889 in Dortmund)

- January 24, 1916, marriage in Dortmund Fritz Stöcker (* January 11, 1892
in Leipzig) & Johanna Ziock  4 children, one of them is Julius Stöcker, father of Gabriele Lerner (*March 15, 1917, d. Dec. 1966), doctor

-June 07, 1948 *Gabriele Stöcker - Sept 28, 1973 marriage Horst Lerner & Gabriele Stöcker - 2 Daughters: Ines Theresia *06 Nov. 1977, Sarah Johanna, *07.Febr. 1980, both doctors, Ines - actually working in Perth/Austr.

It would be great if you could let me know in how far these informations do
have use!

Greetings from the old world (younger than many would guess...)

Gabi and Horst

+Maxi +Rudi +Leo (dogs) +cat max

P.S.: the german ö is often reproduced as oe (Stöcker = Stoecker) ä
ae (Schäfer = Schaefer)


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Gerda Schulte*1924 was married to Mr. Schulte, whose mother descends from the Ziock line. Gabriel Stocker Lerner is at right.

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Some of the Lerner pets - Maxi, Rudy & Leo ~ ~ & Max the cat

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