From: Thomas Weiss
Cc: Petra Kamburg (E-Mail)
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 1:21 AM
Subject: Ziock family

Dear Mrs. Carroll,
the Stadtmuseum mailed your questions about your family to the Stadtarchiv

In Hattingen lived in 1779 [believe this might be a typo & should possibly be 1799] a Peter Ziock, who had two sons. Johan Friedrich
was born in 1786, Henrich Wilhelm was born in 1792.
Peter Ziock was a glacier by profession, he was married in 1786.
(Stadtarchiv Hattingen: SHA-31 Enrollierungsrolle oder Kantonistenbuch)
Probably he died about 1823. (Stadtarchiv Hattingen: SHA-53 Die Mutterrolle
der Stadt)

Heinrich Ziock is mentioned 1843, his profession is woolen-maker, his wife
is Mina Schaefer; the two sons are Wilhelm (*1829) and August (*1842), the
daughter Mathilde was born 1836. (Stadtarchiv Hattingen: SHB-40 Liste
sämtlicher Zivil-Einwohner)

Also mentioned in 1843 is a Friedrich Ziock, born in 1818, perhaps a son of
Johan Friedrich ?

For more information you probably could ask the archive of the Katholische
Kirchengemeinde Hattingen, Bahnhofstr. 13, 45525 Hattingen. They have got
books of birth and marriage, perhaps you could get some more information
about your ancestors there.

Yours sincerely
Thomas Weiß, Stadtarchivar