Pictures of Hattingen
Thank you soooooo much to Horst Lerner for going to Hattingen &
taking these beautiful pictures & sharing them with us!
Photographed:  Jan/Feb 2007

St.Peter&Paul.jpg (18294 bytes)

St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church
where the records are of our Ziock ancestors.

St.Peter&PaulFront.jpg (42542 bytes)

St. Peter & Paul church front door.

Impressions of Hattingen 2.jpg (36941 bytes)

Impressions of Hattingne 1.jpg (35310 bytes)

I hope you got a little impression what Hattingen looks like today.  I' m  sure that Peter and Heinrich 200 years before went through these street or even lived in these houses had a much less romantic view than we have now:  streets and places were muddy and dirty, hardly illumination by night. The houses:  wet, cold  and dirty. The people poor. They hardly could keep their houses warm during the winter periods.  Their children often died immediately after having been born.  You see, your ancestors had good reasons to emigrate. When their sailing ship did not sink in a storm or they did not fall ill aboard (many died this way) they finally after at least 6 weeks  landed e.g. in New York. And so on...