Heinrich Wilhelm - was born 1792 & was the son of Anna Sybilla Arens & Peter Ziock.  Heinrich Wilhellm was still living in 1799 according to Stadtarchiv Hattingen.  I had always assumed Heinrich Wilhelm died ca. 1800 as Anna & Peter Ziock had another son born in 1801 that they named Heinrich Wilhelm.  This second Heinrich was my gr. gr. grandfather who came to St. Louis, USA.  But then on 31 July 2011 I received a letter from Gerald Pickers of Essen, Germany stating that the first Heinrich Wilhelm did not die in 1800 as I had thought.  (See letter below) The first Heinrich Wilhelm Ziock moved to Essen, Germany, got married & had a family.  He died in 1864.


Good morning Carroll,

my name is Gerald Pickers from Essen,Germany. I entered your page and see that you have descendants in Germany. One of them is Heinrich Wilhelm * 1792,. You expected that he died in 1800 but he was still alive :-)Long ago in Germany families had 2 sons with the same surnames. One they called with the first and the other with the second surname


As a young man he moved to Essen, at the beginning of the 19th century Essen was a small town but now Essen has about 600000 inhabitants.       http://essen.de/de/Aktuell/portalaktuell.html

Heinrich Wilhelm was a painterman and a glazier. On January 7th 1821 he married Marianne Kamphoff * 22.03.1793 at St.Gertrud Church in Essen.   http://www.st-gertrud-essen.de/

Heinrich Wilhem died 26th May 1864 in Essen. He had only one son called Theodor Wilhelm Anton Ziock * August 12th 1824 in Essen. This son married Helena Franziska Elisabeth Funke (a descendant of mine) on February 14th 1849 at St.Gertrud in Essen.

They had 7 children, some died in their childhood. With this mail I send you a pdf document. It was written for the family Funke in Essen.  On pages 26 to 28 you can find further informations to family Ziock and the 7 childs of Ziock/Funke.

If you have any more questions, you can contact me anytime.

Best wishes from Essen,Germany

Yours Gerald   

PDF File for Heinrich Wilhelm Ziock (1792 - 1864) from Gerald Pickers



Baptismal Record of Heinrich Wilhelm Ziock - 1792
First child of Peter Ziock &  second wife Anna Sybilla Arens
Hattingen, Westfalen, Germany
Thank you to Horst Lerner for the picture!

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