Heinrich Wilhelm Ziock ~ 1801 - 1883

HEINRICH ZIOCK  HattingenCoatOfArms.bmp (31542 bytes)was born in Hattingen, Gemany 29 August 1801 & was the son of Johannes Petrus Ziock & Anna Sybila Arens. On 13 May 1827 in Hattingen, Westfalen, he married Sophie Elizabeth Wilmine "Mina" Schaefer.    Heinrich & Mina had all of their sons christened in the Catholic Church & all of their daughters christened in the Lutheran Church.  Heinrich is listed in Hattingen in 1843 & his occupation is given as woolen-maker.

In 1848, the tailor (XXX) and eldest son of clothmaker Heinrich Ziock followed to St. Louis.  In 1856, he was owner of a hand-loom.  (register of independent clothmakers of Hattingen, dated 3 Dec 1846, No5 Ziock, Heinrich.) From:  FOZ

Heinrich & Elisabeth & their children Mathilde, *August, and Emilie came to America in 1858 aboard the ship New York which had sailed from Bremen.   Permit of emigration was granted by District Govt. of Arnsberg 10 Jun 1858 (From: FOZ).  According to the info that Horst Lerner found in the Hattingen records they boarded at the beginning of July & arrived at New York City on 30 August 1858.  Since the New York was a sailing ship it indicates that the family was poor.  Wealthy families usually took steam ships.

After arriving in New York the Ziock family then proceeded on to St. Louis, Missouri where William had already settled.   In the 1860 census for St. Louis it lists "Henry" as age 58, "Mina" age 54, Matilde age 23, August 18, & Emelie 14.  It gives their places of birth as Hattingen Westph. & another word that I can't make out. In the 1870 census Henry is listed as a retired merchant, age 69, & he & his 24 year old daughter, Emily who is listed as a domestic servant are living with his daughter Matilde & her husband Arnold Porbeck & their children.   Henry's personal property value is listed as $4500 & his birthplace Prussia. His wife, Wilhelmine "Mina" is not listed so probably is deceased.  In the 1880 census Henry age 79 & his daughter Emelie 33 are livign together.   Birthplaces are given as Prussia & birthplaces of parents given as Prussia.   According to his death certificate Heinrich died of paralysis of the heart at 614 Marion St., St. Louis, 18 December 1883 at age 83 and was buried in New Pickers Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri.   It listed his marital status as "widowed".

Children of Elizabeth Schaefer & Heinrich Ziock are:

Heinrich Wilhelm - b: 1827

William - was born in 1830 in Hattingen, Westfalen, Germany. William was christened in the Catholic Church as Heinrich Wilhelm Ziock.  It appears as though William was the first Ziock to come to America arriving here circa 1847 or before.  William eventually settled in St. Louis, Missouri then later moved the business and his family to Rockford, Illinois. William died at St. Louis in 1905 and is buried in Rockford.

Elisabeth Wilhelmine - b: 1832

Frederica - twin - 1834

Johann Heinrich  - twin - b: 1834

Matildewas born 8 Apr. 1836 in Hattigen, Germany.  She married ARNOLD PORBECK in St. Louis Missouri 15 Dec.1860.  Mathilde died 4 Apr. 1904. She was the mother of five children.

Johann Heinrich - born 1838 Hattingen, Westfalen.

Carl - born 1841 Hattingen

AUGUST* - (Carl August) born 28 August 1842 Hattingen, Westfalen. Died 7 Nov. 1921 St.Louis Missouri.

Unamed - born 1845 Hattingen

Emilie - was born 1 June 1846 in Hattingen, Germany.  She died 16 Dec. 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri.



Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Lerner,

vielen Dank fr die umfangreichen Informationen. Wie gestern telefonisch
besprochen, habe ich auf Grund des Hinweises "Tuchfabrikant" fr Heinrich
Ziock noch einmal mit dem Buch Eversberg/Huppmann: Textilstadt Hattingen,
Hattingen 1978. durchgesehen. Und im Bereich "Auswanderung von
Handwerkern..." folgendes gefunden:

"1848 folgten der Kleidermacher (.....) und der lteste Sohn des
Tuchfabrikanten Heinrich Ziock nach St. Louis.
Dieser Tuchfabrikant Heinrich Ziock, geboren am 18. September 1802, wanderte
1858 mit seiner Frau und seinen 3 Kindern aus. Ziock besa 1856 einen
Handwebstuhl (Namensverzeichnis der selbstndigen Hattinger Tuchfabrikanten
vom 3.12.1846, Nr. 5 Ziock, Heinrich). Laut Protokoll vom 20. Mai 1858 hat
er durch seinen Sohn "ein gutes Unterkommen und eine Stellung erlangt, wo er
einer guten Zukunft entgegen sehen drfe und vor Nahrungssorgen geschtzt
sei. Auch habe derselbe auf sein Verlangen Vorsorge getroffen, da er in
Amerika, er wohne in St. Louis, gleich Unterkommen habe, und dieser habe
auch die berfahrt dorthin auf einem Schiffe, welches anfangs Juli von
Bremen abgehe, fr ihn ausgemacht. er sei hier durch keine wirtschaftlichen
Verhltnisse gebunden und habe sich stets gut verhalten".
die Vermgensverhltnisse Ziocks waren, so die amtliche Feststellung,
ziemlich, doch abnehmend. er nehme ca. 3.000 Thlr. mit, und er frchte sich,
in Zukunft nicht mehr bestehen zu knnen. Die Auswanderungsgenehmigung
erfolgte durch die Regierung Arnsberg am 10. Juni 1858." (Textilstadt
Hattingen, S. 107/108)

Weiter habe ich mich noch einmal mit meiner Datenbank intensiver\pard line beschftigt. Wir sprachen ber die Problematik, die numerische Auflistung
der Huser der heutigen Straenbezeichnung zuzuordnen. Ich konnte den
seinerzeitigen Eigentmer des recht gut erforschten "Bgeleisenhauses" in
Hattingen einem Eintrag zuordnen. Zwei Hausnummern weiter findet sich dann
der gesuchte Heinrich Ziock. Mit einer Restunsicherheit wage ich daher dieThese, dass Heinrich Ziock 1846 nicht am Kirchplatz, sondern am Haldenplatzin Hattingen gewohnt hat.

Ich hoffe, dass Ihnen diese Angaben weiterhelfen.

Mit freundlichen Gren

Jrgen Uphues
The chapter „emigration of artisans..." contains like follows:
" In 1848 the taylor (……) and the eldest son of the clothmaker Heinrich Ziock followed to St. Louis. This clothmakeer Heinrich Ziock, born Septembre 18, 1802 emigrated in 1858 together with his wife and 3 children. In 1856 he was owner of a hand-loom (source: Register of independent chlothmakers of Hattingen, dated Dec. 3, 1846, No 5 Ziock, Heinrich). According to protocol of May 20, 1858 he has reached "a good position by support of his son and is looking into a good future without sorrows about nourishment.

On his demand his son had made sure that he would be safely housed in St. Louis. Further his son had booked a ship passage starting at the beginning of July from Bremen. There would not be any further economic relations and he always had shown good conduct".

The official statement concerning Ziock’s power says that we was rather well-to-do but growing less. He would take abt 3.000 Thalers with himself being afraid of future development. The permit of emigration was granted by District Government of Arnsberg June 10, 1858 (after Textilstadt Hattingen, pp. 107/108)

Concerning Heinrich Ziocks house:

Herr Uphues is very sure that he lived Haldeplatz, the 2nd house from the so called famous "Bgeleisenhaus"

ZiockHouse01.bmp (218614 bytes)

Haus am Haldenplatz in Hattingen - Heinrich Wilhelm *1801 lived and worked in this house until He went to St. Louis in 1858.   Photographed by Horst Lerner 31 March 2007.

ZiockHouse02.bmp (233734 bytes)

Two "Ziocks" at home - At left: Gabriele Lerner Stcker.  Her gr. grandfather was Julius Ziock 1857. Gerda Schulte (at right)  was married to Mr. Schulte, whose mother descends from the Ziock line.  Photographed by Horst Lerner 31 March 2007.


Thank you soooooooo much to Horst Lerner
for going to Hattingen to look up these records & sharing them with us!

From: dr.lerner@online.de
To: crittersrus@centurytel.net
Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 12:14 PM
Subject: Archiv St. Peter und Paul

Dear Esther,

I am not sure that you received my message written this morning. After
a total crash my PC has fallen ill, I think. So let's try again.

Yesterday I have been working in the reecords. Good olds!

In short: There have been two Heinrich Wilhelms (mother Arens)

1st  * Jan. 14, 1792
2nd  * Aug. 29, 1801.  HE IS YOUR  gr, gr---  father.

The first Heinr. Wilh. most probably has died in his childhood.
Neither his burial nor that of Peter's  first wife** is written
down in ths registers. So most probably they have been buried on
another church yard; I suppose firmly that it is in Blankenstein,
where the first marriage had taken place.
This can be cleared, I' m sure.

I have taken about 50 pictures of the records. Two of them in the
attachement. Please give me another short time till they are ready
to be mailed.

Your's  sincerely,  Horst

** born Wnneberg

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