HERMAN ZIOCK HermannZiock01.jpg (3154 bytes)was born in Greven, Wesfalen, Deutschland (Germany) in 1913.  He was the son of Maria Veltmann and Herman August Josef Ziock.  Herman became a journalist and author, spoke numerous languages and travelled extensively in Asia, Africa and America.  He wrote numerous books and was connected with various newspapers as correspondent editor and publisher.   He served as Press Attache of the German Embassy at Cairo, Egypt from 1956 - 1962; Public Relations Manager, Ministry of Economic Cooperation in Bonn, Germany from 1962 - 1968 and then was Press Counsellor of the German Embassy at New Delhi, India.  He was acquainted with the Dalai Lama.

I have autographed copies of three of Hermann's books which he sent to me during our years of correspondence: Men Will One Day Reach The Point, Men Who Defied Danger and Jeder geht seinen Weg allein.  (They are currently on loan to Richard Ziock).  This is how I found Hermann by him being an author.   Another Ziock relative in Tennessee passed word on to me that some years before, while traveling in Egypt, she saw a book entitled A Guide to Egypt that was written by a Hermann Ziock.  She purchased the book but made no effort to find Hermann.   Upon learning of this book I went to a bookstore in St. Louis County, Missouri and they looked in their computer for the book.  They did not find that book but instead found another one authored by Hermann.  I wrote to the publisher which I believe may have been in New York, and they forwarded my letter to Hermann who immediately answered.   This was in the 1970's and began a correspondence that lasted many years until Herman's death in 1985.

In 1950 Hermann married Charlotte Biwer & they had 3 children all born in Cairo, Egypt:

Georgia Maria - born 1951

Cornelia Charlotte - born 1953

Klaus Hermann born 1959




Prisoner of war in UK at Featherstonehaugh. Described being editor of camp newspaper in biography.





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Herman Ziock (far right) at a press conference with the
Foreign Minister at Cairo, Egypt

Charlotte & Herman Ziock

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Newspaper article about Georgia Ziock (top left) & her sister Cornelia Ziock (bottom right) daughters of Hermann Ziock.  Article was in an Egyptian newspaper.

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Herman Ziock Family: Charlotte, Herman,
KlausHermann, Cornelia