JOANNES PETER ZIOCK* - was born in Mailand in 1752 or 1754.  It is unknown at this time who his parents were. He is the earliest Ziock anyone has been able to find so far. His occupation was a glaser.  The Hattingen Archives found a Peter Ziock living in Hattingen in 1799.  According to the Hattingen Archives Peter had two sons:    Johan Friedrich born 1786 & Henrich Wilhelm born 1792.  (To see the correspondence regarding this click here.)  Peter was first married to Catherina Margaretha Wunnenberg in 1781.  She died between 1785 & 1791.  Peter Ziock's second wife is Anna Sybila Arens who he married in 1791.  Peter Ziock died before 1833.  According to Stadtarchiv Hattingen he probably died circa 1823.

There are numerous church records posted throughout the Ziock pages.  Thank you sooooooo much to Horst Lerner for going to Hattingen & photographing the original church records & sharing the information & pictures with us!


Children of Catherina Margaretha Wunnenberg & Peter Ziock:

Eleonore - born 1782

Cathar. - 1783

Joan Friedrich - born 1785 in Hattingen, Westfalen, Germany.  On 19 November 1810 in Hattingen Joan married Christina Gertrude Vorbrodt and they had three children.

Children of  *Anna Syblia Arens & Peter Ziock:

Heinrich Wilhelm - born 1792 -  Married:  Marianne Kamphoff in 1821  - Died: 1864

Anna Gertrude - 1794 - Married John Wilhem Grunau 1 June 18?8 in Hattingen

Elisb. Carol - 1796

Anna Catherine - born 1799 - Married Johann Wilhelm Lampey 22 Feb. 1824 in Hattingen

Heinrich Wilhelm* - born in Hattingen, Gemany 29 August 1801. On 13 May 1827 in Hattingen, Westfalen, he married Sophie Elizabeth Wilmine "Mina" Schaefer & they became the parents of 10 children 6 of whom died in infancy.  The family came to America in 1858 aboard the ship New York which sailed from Bremen & they settled in St. Louis, Missouri.  Heinrich died St. Louis in 1883. Heinrich's many descendants still reside in the United States today. 

Johann Peter - born 1804 -  married Albetina Gabriela Bourdoux in 1836 in Aachen & had 4 children.

Herman Adolph - Herman Adolph was born 1806 Hattigen, Westfalia, Germany.   In 1835 Herman was accepted into the Association in Neuwied (Moravian Church).   He married Marie Caroline Lindemann and was called to missionary service in the Danish West Indies.  After many years of service he retired, returned to Germany to Kleinwelka. Hermann died in Herrnhut in 1872 at age 65.


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Thank you to Horst Lerner for going to Hattingen & photographing the church records & sharing the information with us!   Photographed: 2007


Ziock-Böcker Haus 1.jpg (60607 bytes)

Ziock-Böcker Haus - Photographed By: Horst Lerner - 2007



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Haus der Ziocks am St. Georg Kirchplatz ca. 1790
Photographed By:  Horst Lerner 2007

Durchgang zum Kirchplatz - 2007
"Der Roster"



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Tur zum Schweinestall