Lily Ziock

LILY ZIOCK was born in 1871& was the daughter of Elise Schrobeck & August Ziock, Sr.  Lily never married & died 26 January 1899.  She is buried in New Pickers Cemetery, St. Louis.


The Ziock family lived at 1017 Rutger St. in St. Louis.  In 1896 a vicious tornado struck the area killing anywhere from 200 - 400 people & injuring 1,000.  My aunt Lilian Ziock Palmer once told me that Lily Ziock witnessed the tornado take the roof off of the neighbors house.  Lily went into shock & never spoke again after the incident.  She died in 1899 of marasmus (a form of malnutrition/starvation). 

Rutger Street Area

Rutger & 7th St.  St. Louis, Mo. 1896 Tornado damage.  The storm was in a most murderous mood when it reached this corner. Twenty-seven people were killed here in one building. The entire vicinity is a wreck.   Image contributed by Terry Harmon

Pictures of 1896 St. Louis tornado


New Picker's Cemetery Records:  Lily Ziock is second from bottom of page.