Email dated 23 January 2007 - Dear Esther, I, Cornelia Morrison, nee Ziock, just visited your site and was most interested to read all about the Ziock families. As I still remember that my father Hermann Ziock was corresponding with you until his death in 1985, I decided to get in touch with you to give you the latest update on our family.

I myself am the second daughter of Hermann Ziock. As you know, my father was married to Charlotte, nee Biwer, who died in Bonn 2002.  I was born in Cairo, Egypt,  on 16.12.1953 as the second child to my parents. I married 1989 Hugh Morrison from Cambridge, UK.  Our daughter is called Louisa Bicha Jeanetta, born 30.3.1993 in Cambridge. We have been living since 1996 in Cairo, Egypt.

My older sister is called Georgia-Maria Jebens, nee Ziock, also born in Cairo, 18.6.1951. She is married to Albrecht Jebens and they have 4 children: Raimund , born in Stuttgart 23.2.1988; Fabian, born in Stuttgart 6.8.1990; Caroline, born in Stuttgart 25.4.1992; Lena Viktoria, born in Stuttgart 7.1.1995. They live at the Lake of Constance.

My brother Klaus-Hermann Ziock was also born in Egypt, 3.1.1959. He is married to Valeska, nee Berg, and they live in Berlin with one son called Marlon, born 29.5.1997 in Pfullendorf.

I would be very happy to hear from you.  Wishing you and your family a happy and successful 2007  with kind regards

Cornelia Ziock Morrison & familie - Christmas 2012.


The Ziock-Morrison Family - 2013