John Gerald Palmer

John is the son of Corrine Palmer & John Gibson & grandson of Lilian Ziock Palmer.  He was born 8 June 1952.  He was first married to Vicki Parrot & second to Irene Harriman.  Children by Vicki Parrot & John Palmer are:  John, Nelson & Vikkisu.  Children by Irene & John Palmer are: Brandi & Casandra.


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John Gibson at left bending over & working on engine; Johnny Palmer (gr. nephew of Gus Ziock) standing on bumper; Gus Ziock at right of truck. Photographed: 1967 at Shook, Mo.

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John Palmer & Esther Ziock Carroll. This picture was taken at the Palmer farm in Sedgewickville, Mo. September 16, 2000.  I am holding the leash to our dog Angel who didn't want to be in the picture.

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Brandi & Cassandra Palmer
Children of Irene & John Palmer




Palmer Farm Chicken Fry - October 2005


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Left to right - John Palmer Jr.,  O.J. Straher, then ????,  Gene standing at right. hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm - don't know what that hangmans noose is there for.

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Man with red jacket is my first cousin Bill Palmer. Man at right with plate is my first cousin once removed John Palmer. The woman in the center is his wife Irene Palmer.

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Woman at left with black shirt is Jean Bone Cantrell my first cousin once removed. At right is wife of my first cousin once removed John Palmer. Man in red jacket at back right is my first cousin Bill Palmer.

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Cousin John, Jr. sitting on truck - first cousin twice removed, then ????, cousin O.J. Straher

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Some of the Palmer farm animals below:

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60th Anniversary Celebration of Irl & Ike Harriman ~ Sept. 2008
Parents-in-law of John Palmer












Family Gathering After Irl Harriman's Funeral  23 Feb. 2009


Front Row:  Casandra, Vicki Sue & Brandi Palmer
Back Row: , Two of Irene's sons, John Palmer Jr., Nelson Palmer, two of Irene's sons.


John Palmer Sr. with cousin O.J. Straher

Mrs. John Palmer Sr. &
Mrs. John Palmer Jr.


















Gene & I were also celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary so we took this cake along to share with everyone.