1879 - Theo Ziock was born in 1879 & was the son of August Ziock,Sr. & Elise Schrobeck.  

1904 - Theodore was first married to Birdie Doliva of Little Rock, Arkansas 15 June 1904.   They were later divorced. 

1910 - On 30 March 1910 in St. Louis he married Meta Cramme & they had 2 children.

1910 - Theo's son, Lester, was born & died.

1917 - Theo's daughter, Elizabeth Jane (Betty Jane) was born.

1918 - T. Ziock - Ladies Dresses - Dallas, Texas - May 13, 1918, Monday - New York Times - arrival of buyers

1918 - Theo was living in Dallas, Texas when he registered for the WWI draft.


TheodoreZiock02.JPG (22993 bytes)

Theodore Ziock holding his grandson John Willette Brough in 1943 or 1944

1948 - When I was born in 1948 my great uncle Theodore brought my parents & I home from the hospital in his limousine.

1949 - Theodore Ziock died in 1949 & is interred in the Oak Grove Mausoleum in St. Louis.  The following is listed on Theo.'s death certificate:
Theodore Ziock Inc. - Ladies Clothing - Died at his home at 8115 Stratford Ave., Clayton, Mo. - Coronary thrombosis - interval between onset & death 2 1/2 hrs.  His two stores stayed in his family for several more years until his wife & daughter sold them.

"Theo" owned two exclusive dress shops one of which was in the affluent St. Louis neighborhood of Clayton.  I, Esther Ziock Carroll, was there once with my father, Gus Ziock, when I was very small & I still have a vague recollection of what the inside of the shop looked like.  My father, being an electrician, sometimes did electrical work for his uncle Theodore.    Even after Uncle Theodore died his wife, aunt Meta I always called her, would have us to her house every year for Christmas. I remember that she was always so nice to us.

Children of Meta Cramme & Theodore Ziock:

Lester - B: 20 Nov. 1910 St. Louis D: 20 Nov. 1910 St.Louis buried in Concordia Cemetery. He was a premature birth of 7 months & only lived 5 hours.

Elizabeth Jane (Betty Jane) - B: 24Aug. 1917 St. Louis. She married John Willette Brough of Menominee, Michigan. They had a son John Willette Jr. B: 22 Aug. 1941 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  John Jr. was first married to Dorothy Dinwiddie & second to Janet Garrit Hood. John & Janet had a son named Michael David born 8 Sept. 1960 in Little Rock.


Ziock Ink Blotter.JPG (14689 bytes)

Copy of ink blotter from Theodore Ziock's clothing store.

TheordorZiockObit.JPG (7347 bytes)

TheodoreZiockDiamondStickPin.jpg (7645 bytes)

This diamond stick pin was given to Esther M. Ziock (Carroll) by Meta Ziock, wife of Theodore Ziock, when Esther was a child.

Meta wanted me to make it into a ring when I got older but it is so pretty the way it is I hate to change it. 



This lamp used to be in Theodore Ziock's clothing store in Clayton. It was owned by another family member & I came into possession of it in 2007.  This is the condition it was in when I got it.  It used to look much better.  It was a bright silver color.  Eventually I want to sand it & paint it silver so that it looks like it did in its glory days. 

I also came into possession of a large fan at the same time.  The fan cooled the store as these were the days before air conditioning.




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