1830 ~ William was born in 1830 in Hattingen, Westfalen, Germany and was the son of Heinrich Ziock and Sophie Elizabeth Wilhelmine Schaefer. William was christened in the Catholic Church as Heinrich Wilhelm Ziock. 

1840's ~ It appears as though William was the first Ziock to come to America arriving here circa 1847. 

1850 ~ In 1850 William was living with a Bartlett family in Webster, Worcester County, Massachusests and later resided in Pennsylvania.


1852 ~ William, Sr. applied for United States citizenship in Philadelphia in 1852. His application gave his age as twenty-two and stated that he had resided in the United States for at least five years and appears to have been finalized in 1855.

1855 - Kingsbury, A. (Catherine Allen) Ch Maggie. Albert, Dora, Fay; Home Acres Farm Rockford R9 Harlem Sec30 T200a W. Ziock (1855) http://www.illinoisancestors.org/winnebago/prairiefarmerskl.htm

1855 ~ William, who's occupation was merchant, eventually settled in St. Louis, Missouri where he married ELIZABETH BOLLINGER in 1855.

1857 ~ William is listed in the St. Louis City Directory in 1857 as a salesman. Later William and his brother, August, became merchants & business partners – William Ziock & Co. The St. Louis City Directory lists them as manufacturing hosiery & gloves, fancy goods

1863 - William registers for the Civil War draft

Design No.  dated August 27 1867.
ale 2rtttnte referre) to in tI tse Petters Vattnt ant making part of fly same. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN :
Be it known that I WILLIAM ZIOCK of the city and county of Saint Louis State of Missouri have invented and produced a new Design for a TradeMark of which the following is a full clear and exact description reference being had to the drawing annexed hereto making a part of this specification.
My design consists of eight spools connected by threads of yarn in the manner substantially as shown in the drawing in combination with the words "Manchester KnittingYarn." The words "knitting yarn" being in rustic letters as shown.
This design is intended to be used either as a brand or as an engraving and when used as the former the various parts will have such breaks in them as may be necessary to give the requisite strength to the stencil or other plate by which the impression is made.
What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is
The design for a trademark substantially as shown and specified.
WM. ZIOCK. Witnesses :

1872 ~ William applies for a passport

1872MR. ZIOCK - Arrival Date: 30 Jul 1872 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1830 Age: 42 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Destination: United States of America Place of Origin: Germany Ship Name: Russia Port of Arrival: New York, Port Arrival State: New York Port Arrival Country: United States - Ship's Passenger List:  [I assume this was William returning from a visit to Europe]

1875 - The Book of St. Louisans
William Dings - was bookkeeper for William Ziock & Co. 1875 - 1883


William Ziock - Copied from Anzeiger des Westens Sonntagsblatt, 18 Mar 1877, Supplement, pages 5-7.
Published in St. Louis, Missouri. Original at St. Louis Public Library. Microfilm at State
Historical Society of Missouri."  

1877 - Ziock, Wm. - St. Louis Public Schools - Annual Report - 1877

1885 ~ At some point in the latter 1800’s William & August became estranged & William moved the business and his family to Rockford, Illinois.

1885 - Rockford Mitten & Hosiery Company - St. Charles Woolen Mills
The Rockford Mitten Company, founded by Thour Munthe John Nelson, and William Talcott, began operations in 1879 and incorporated on November 29, 1881 under the laws of the state of Illinois for the purpose of manufacturing mittens and gloves.  During the early years of its existence the company principally manufactured leather gloves either lined
with material knitted on the same machine used for knitting stockings or unlined. The St. Charles Woolen Mills of St. Charles, Missouri, William Ziock, president, supplied most of the yarn used at that time. Because of his long and successful career in the knitting business, the company invited Mr. Ziock to consolidate the St. Charles Woolen
Mills with the Rockford Mitten Company. Mr. Ziock agreed to the proposed merger, took the assets of his store into the new organization, and in 1885 consolidation took place; the new company became the Rockford Mitten and Hosiery Company. Almost immediately, leather glove manufacturing discontinued and the manufacture of hosiery became the primary business.  The company introduced yarn, stockings, blankets woolen piece goods to its line as business expanded.  On October 28, 1918, the company changed it name to the Rockford Textile Mills, Inc.......................

1885 - Newspaper article, Daily Gazette, Rockford, IL - 14 Jul 1885, pg 3, 27 Feb 2011.  The elegant and sitely residence of M/M R. H. Tinker, on South Main St, has been rented to William Ziock of St. Louis, the gentleman who has recently become financially interested in the Nelson Knitting Co. Mr. Ziock and family are now at the Hotel Holland and will at once make arrangements to remove their household goods from their elegant residence in St. Louis. It is said that the father comes here to see that the business is started successfully for the sons, who will become permanent residents of the Forest City. From:  FOZ (Friends Of Ziock)


.......While the Nelsons have purposely laid the emphasis on mechanical perfection, their competitors have been making the most of the old patents. In 1898 William Burson, partner of John Nelson from 1875, established a large factory. It uses the old Nelson machine somewhat modified. The capacity of the machine is low, but, nevertheless, the net earnings are high. The Burson factory makes a specialty of ladies' hose of a lighter quality.

Another large enterprise founded on Nelson's invention is the Rockford Mitten and Hosiery Company. Of late years still another plant has come into existence, called the B. Z. B. Co. (Brown,
Ziock & Burson).


These results show what the original John Nelson invention has meant to Rockford. But the Nelsons have not altogether held aloof from practical production. Their factory, founded in 1892, and known as the Forest City Knitting Company, has a present capacity of 3,000 dozen pairs per day. The total capacity of all Rockford knitting concerns may be roughly estimated at 15,000 dozen pairs of hose per day.

1905 ~ William died of fibro saracoma of the bladder at St. Lukes Hospital, St. Louis in 1905 and is buried in Rockford.

1905 - 20 Apr - Newspaper article, Rockford Daily Register-Gazette, Will of late Wm. Ziock probated today..........Value of estate placed at even Quarter Million $ (From: FOZ)



IDA - was born 6 April 1856 in St. Louis, Missouri.   In 1876 she married Henry Kriechbaum.  Ida died 16 December 1922 and is buried in Rockford, Illinois.

MATILDA (Tillie) - was born 1857 in St. Louis, Missouri.  She never married & died 2 December 1947.  She is buried in Rockford, Illinois.

WILLIAM HENRY - was born 26 November 1863 in St. Louis, Missouri.  In 1889 he married Lulu Mackwitz in St. Louis. William Henry Ziock,Sr., died 10 February 1957 in Rockford, Illinois.  He is the one who built the Ziock Building in Rockford.

EDWARD J. SR. - was born 12 June 1866 in St. Louis, Missouri.  He married a woman by the first name of Lillian and they had a son who was named Edward J.,Jr.Edward,Sr., died 24 October 1921 and is buried in Rockford, Illinois.

MARIE - was born 4 July 1869 in St. Louis, Missouri. She married Adolph Boehmen in 1890 in St. Louis.  Marie died 18 January 1921 and is buried in Rockford, Illinois. Found a Robert Ziock Boehmen (born 1915) on ancestry.com.  He is buried in Rockford.

EMILY  -  married Albert Voight and she is buried in Rockford, Illinois.


I found the following info on an infant but don't know how he is related to this William:
WILLIAM H. ZIOCK - Gender: Male - Place of Birth: Pennsylvania - Estimated Birth Year: abt 1846 - Age: 4 - Month of Death: Aug - Cause of Death: Dysentary - Place of Death: (City, County, State) Upper Allen, Cumberland, Pennsylvania Census Year: 1850



Ziock, William -------43          History of the St. Louis Fire Department, with a review of great fires and sidelights upon the methods of fire-fighting from ancient to modern times, from which the lesson of the vast importance of having efficient firemen may be drawn. St. Louis Firemen's Fund.(St. Louis: Central Publishing Company, 1914).




Wm.ZiockObitWashingtonPost.jpg (20769 bytes)

Obituary of Wm. Ziock in the
Washington Post newspaper - 1905



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