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(pronounced Zee-ahk)


By Esther M. Ziock Carroll
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my lineage )


JOANNES PETRUS ZIOCK* - was born in 1752 or 1754 in Mailand. He is the earliest Ziock anyone has been able to find to date. Peter was married twice & had 10 known children. His history & that of his descendants is chronicled throughout the Ziock pages many of them including pictures. The Ziocks were a very diverse family with trails leading from Germany to America, India, Egypt, Labrador, Mosquito Coast Of Nicaragua, & The Caribbean Islands.  You can follow this very interesting history by clicking Joannes Petrus Ziock's name & subsequently follow the links or see the "Instant Index" below for individual first names & go directly to their pages. 






AnnaCatherine - AnnaGertrude - *August Jr. - *August Sr. - *August T.  -  Bertha  -  Betty Jane  - ClaraBurgdorf  -  Edward J. Jr.  -  Edward J. Sr.  -  Elenore  - Emilie - EmilyVoight - Esther - FriedrichGeorgAugust1818 - Fritsch - GabrielStockerLerner - Gerald Pickers - Heinrich1846-1905 - HeinrichWilhelm1792 -  *HeinrichWilhelm1801-1883 - HenryE. - Herman1913-1985 - HermanAdolph1806-1872 - HermannAdolph1839-1869 - HermanAdolph1890HermannAugustJosef1875  - IdaKriechbaum - JoanFriedrich*JOHANNES PETRUS ZIOCK-1752-1833 - JohannPeter1804 - JohnPalmer - Julius -      Klaus,Prof. - Larry - LilianPalmer - Lily - MarieBoehman - MatildePorbeck - Matilde"Tillie"1836-1904 - Moravian Missionaries - Otto - Richard - Samuel St. Louis City Directories - TheodoreWilliam1830-1905 - WilliamHenry1863-1957  - Ziock Building - Ziock Flats - ZiockMemorium - Ziock Miscellaneous -  ZiockMorrison - Ziock Ships Passenger Listings - Ziock Trademark Patent  ~ ~ ~ Variations in Ziock Name:  ZiokIlona - Ziok. Zeock - Zioch - Ziak - Ziek - Dziak, Dziock, Ciocco,

There are numerous photographs of original church records posted throughout the Ziock pages.  Thank you sooooooo much to Horst Lerner for going to Hattingen & Blankenstein & photographing the original church records & sharing the information & pictures with us!


Pictures of  Blankenstein

Pictures of Hattingen


If you are a Ziock descendant & would like to submit your branch of the family history to the Ziock pages please send to Esther M. Ziock Carroll & I will be glad to place it on-line. Also if you would like to be added to the Ziock mailing list & receive periodic notices of when the Ziock pages are updated.




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