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This is the north side of the Ziock Building.  It is estimated to have been taken in the mid 1920's.  Photo submitted by Jean Ziock Hamilton.


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This is a more recent picture taken from approximately the same angle on
23 February 2002.  Photo provided by Jean Ziock Hamilton.



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I found your web page while doing some research on a building here in Rockford, IL.   If you don’t know this already, I thought you might enjoy the information I found.   My information shows that William Ziock owned The St. Charles Woolen Mills of St. Charles, MO.  He was the supplier of yarn for the Rockford Mitten Co.  In 1885 he purchased the Rockford Mitten Co. and it was renamed Rockford Mitten and Hosiery Co.   In 1918 it was changed to Rockford Textile Mills, Inc.      The company was located in Rockford’s knitting district  (we had the inventors of the knitting machines) and a building known as the William Ziock building was constructed in two phases between 1918 and 1924.   The Ziock Building was long recognized as Rockford’s first skyscraper (it was 12 stories).    Later it became known as the Amerock Building (of Amerock hardware, another Rockford original).& nbsp;      Some of the info I found refers to the building being owned by Ziock Industries, Inc. but I don’t see verification of that company name.


The building still stands although it’s been vacant for a number of years as Amerock was purchased by Newell and operations were removed from Rockford for production overseas.   Rockford is currently planning urban redevelopment of the building intending to convert it to 85 luxury condo units as the building stands in our downtown riverfront sector.  


As I said, thought you might enjoy the info if you didn’t already have it.


K. Havrilesko

For more information on the Ziock Building go to:


26 January 2007 - Newspaper article in The Rockford Register Star about the Ziock Building - with color picture.

I received the following email 10 Dec. 2010:

Dear Ms. Carroll:

My name is Pam Hein and I live in Rockford IL.  I am working with a group called Friends of Ziock, proposing to put the Wm. Ziock Building on the National Register of Historic Places.  We believe the building belongs on the Register for its local connection to Rockford's Knitting Industry as well as its connection to the hardware industry when Amerock took over the building.  As part of the process, we will be doing a presentation in front of our local Historical Commission and the state Historic Advisory Council.  I would like to include some information on the Ziock family, and have been able to garner quite a bit from your website. Of course your website is credited in the nomination.  Thank you!  We have been most impressed with Wm Sr. and Wm Jr. as both benevolent employers and community spirits.  I am wondering if you have any additional information on either Wm Sr. or Wm. Jr, the business, or the building?  I am also wondering if you have any photos images of these family members we could use in the presentations ?  Thank you for any help you can give.
Pam Hein


The twelve story Ziock Building was built by Esther Ziock's collateral ancestor William Ziock Jr.  It was constructed in two phases between 1918 & 1924.  The Ziock building was long recognized as the first “skyscraper” in Rockford, Ill. & was sometimes referred to as the Tower Building.   It was owned by Ziock Industries Inc.  For more information about the Ziock’s please go to:  http://carrollscorner.net/Ziock.htm




First step on path to redevelop the Ziock Building

Rockford, May 13, 2011: The National Park Service (Department of the Interior) today announced that it has granted historic status to the Rockford landmark, named in honor of textile pioneer, William H. Ziock. Built in three phases between 1912 and 1950 by the Ziock family and the Amerock Corporation, the building (416 South Main) housed titans of two industries that helped fuel the industrial growth of Rockford: textiles and hardware. Today, the complex is commonly known as the Amerock Building because of its last major tenant and owner. “It is appropriate that this award comes during National Historic Preservation Month in May” states Don Bissell, enthusiastic founder of the Friends of Ziock (FOZ). A grass-roots citizens group, FOZ is working with city and county officials to identify the highest and best use of the building as a major step toward redevelopment and a catalyst for surrounding development downtown.

Friends of Ziock spokesperson, Jeff Orduno, cautions that the group will not rest with the historic designation. Because developers can now take full advantage of tax credits associated with historic status, the potential for redevelopment is vastly improved. This is particularly true if the State of Illinois passes State Historic Tax Credits of 25% as a companion to the federal Credits of 20% that are currently available. “Redevelopment creates jobs and produces tax revenue – these are our ultimate goals. With increased employment, property tax that could top $1 million annually and other municipal revenue streams, everyone in the community wins.”

The building is currently owned by the City of Rockford, as is much adjacent land downtown. “In the healthy downtown community, public property is balanced by private sector investment with buildings occupied, appropriately assessed and producing taxes sufficient to cover municipal costs. The bonus will be that new tenants will breathe life back into this downtown landmark and light the riverfront skyline,” reports FOZ member and restoration architect Gary Anderson.

The Friends of Ziock invite the public to join them in a celebration of historic status and in anticipation of the rest of the journey to redevelop the Ziock Building. The celebration and open house will be held on Thursday, June 9 between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at the Prairie Street Brewhouse, 200 Prairie St. The open house will feature a gallery of Ziock historical photos as well as ‘before and after’ examples of similar projects. Video and audio-taped interviews of Ziock descendents and former employees, Ziock family genealogy, the presentation to the Rockford Historic Preservation Commission as well as other historic documents will be displayed. Several special additions to the party are planned. Parking is available on the north side of the Brewhouse.

To learn more about the Building or Friends of Ziock, visit our website at www.ziock.org