Wild Game In Historic Washington County, Missouri

Expedtition of Augustus Pettibone:  

"To show how plentiful wild game was in Missouri at the time of his exploring expedition, he said that not very far from Potosi, at the Ashley cave, or Saltpeter caves, one day they saw four bears on an oak tree, eating sweet acorns. They saw a flock of wild turkeys marching towards the cave, and shot one so large and fat that the carcass furnished food for three days. One day they shot two bears, cutting down a hollow tree in which the bear had crawled for shelter; and saw large elk bounding away. In this expedition they descended the White River to Batesville, in Arkansas; from whence Mr. Pettibone returned to St. Louis, then a small outpost, containing a population of 2,500. His brother, Rufus Pettibone, established himself in business there upon his arrival, and was appointed circuit judge, and afterward chief justice of the state, which position he held until his early death in 1825............." 

Sources:  History of Norfolk, Litchfield County, Connecticut, 1744-1900
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